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Customized Fish Feed for Bluefin Tuna and Hamachi

To meet global demand for Bluefin tuna while protecting the species, many seafood processors rely on fish farms. The major challenge lies in the fish feed. Together with Japanese company Nissui, Bühler has developed a tuna feed enabling sustainable, economic farming.

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Alternative fish feed in Ghana

Aquaculture is crucial to food security and the economy in West African countries and feed is one of the key factors. In Ghana, stakeholders are discussing local ingredients as alternatives for cost-effective feeds.

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French platform to serve the aquafeed industry

Nouvelles Vagues is a French scientific and technical platform offering a wide range of services to the aquafeed industry.

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Nutreco opens its Garden of the Future, a new approach to phytotechnology

Nutreco presented a new approach focused on creating phytotechnology solutions to support the performance, health and welfare of aquatic species, farm and companion animals.

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AI and robotics speed up Aker BioMarine’s search for krill

The use of krill in fish and shrimp diets is on the rise but how to meet the growing demand for this valuable ingredient? Aker BioMarine turned to an unmanned drone vehicle, backed by AI and robotics, to predict the best fishing spot and to increase the volumes caught.

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Advances and challenges in replacing marine ingredients in aquafeeds

At the recently held F3's biannual meeting, industry stakeholders discussed different initiatives to replace marine ingredients and their impact on farmers' acceptance and along the value chain.

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Fungi fermentation to provide new protein source to aquafeeds

Norway-based startup NoMy aims to transform food industry sidestreams into food and feed ingredients through fungi fermentation.

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Norway-based company to develop protein source from slaughterhouse fish blood

Norwegian company Berggylta aims to process fish blood into a feed source.

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Challenges in scaling up novel ingredients

Why is it taking so much time for novel ingredients to scale up? Aquaculture investors discussed the opportunities and bottlenecks in scaling up novel ingredients at F3’s biannual meeting.

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Asia to take the lead in insect production

Southeast Asia has emerged as the top region to produce insects for feed with climate conditions and lower labor costs as the key drivers. AFFIA discussed the current Asian insect scenario and what to expect from the upcoming 2024 Insect to Feed the World conference.

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The power of grains for the aquafeed industry

In a global context of increased population, grains are expected to underpin all feeds going forward for the foreseeable future with corn-derived co-products as part of the solutions available to the aquafeed industry.