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Customized Fish Feed for Bluefin Tuna and Hamachi

To meet global demand for Bluefin tuna while protecting the species, many seafood processors rely on fish farms. The major challenge lies in the fish feed. Together with Japanese company Nissui, Bühler has developed a tuna feed enabling sustainable, economic farming.

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20_DSM Louise Buttle NASF
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Single-cell proteins to tackle aquafeed’s carbon footprint

dsm-firmenich recently entered the SCPs arena and aims to achieve a near-zero carbon footprint.

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The time for change has come for the feed industry

The feed industry is behind in digitalization and automation. ANDRITZ is bringing this technology that the company has applied to other industries to the feed industry to be the partner that builds the roadmap toward this journey.

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The Millennial Salmon Project paves the way for a more sustainable salmon

The project aims at creating a knowledge-based sustainable product that answers to modern Millennial principles of life, considering techno-economic, animal welfare, environmental and societal aspects as a whole.

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Paving the way for a deforestation-free soy value chain

“It is a very complex process but we are happy with the system that we have in place today and the risk of contamination is very low,” Patricia Sugui, ESG manager at CJ Selecta, told

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Tunicates and insects: Sustainable, novel raw materials for the Norwegian aquafeed industry

While testing tunicate meal together with Skretting in aquafeeds, Pronofa calls for facilitating insect production to drive change now.

Dr Mustapha Momoh
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Confronting Nigeria’s feed ‘crisis’

The country is currently facing a corn shortage that will lead to further increases in feed prices and discussions are being held to find ways of dealing with the problem.

MicroHarvest Team at their Lisbon Pilot Plant
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Getting biomass fermentation closer to industrial scale

MicroHarvest is working on diversifying its production to ingredients that are not only a source of protein but support growth performance in aquaculture.

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Self-imposed restrictions reduce flexibility in raw material basket, Skretting says

"We need to remove self-imposed restrictions," said Skretting CEO Therese Log Bergjord at NASF in a call to action for the whole value chain to reduce feed costs in Norway.

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Is there still room for krill? talked with krill ingredient suppliers to get their insight into the concerns raised after the latest edition of the F3 Challenge.

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Huvepharma omega-3 business tackling shortages in fish oil supplies

The company produces omega-3 algal powder and oil products at the largest fermentation facility in Europe for aquaculture and livestock applications.