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Discover Symrise Aqua Feed

Symrise Aqua Feed specializes in developing, testing and manufacturing sustainable ingredients and palatability enhancers that help aquafeed manufacturers produce high-performance diet and feed with low carbon footprint.

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Editor's picks

Aquafeed Outlook 2024: Automation, efficiency and new raw materials

2023 has been a challenging year for aquafeed manufacturers due to the high price of raw materials and low seafood prices. talked with some feed technology suppliers to get their insights and how they see 2024.

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Fishmeal and fish oil shortage IV: The impact and an outlook

In this final part of the series, we will discuss how the fishmeal and fish oil shortage and high prices are impacting the aquafeed industry and the potential effects on aquafeed producers and farmers in the medium term.

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5 key messages from IPIFF’s insect congress

In the EU’s quest to be less dependent on importing proteins for animal feed, alternatives must be viable and competitive. Insect-derived ingredients tick a lot of boxes to be the right candidate. Speakers at the recently held IPIFF annual conference addressed this once more.

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Transformative nanobody solution to drive change in disease prevention in aquaculture

NovoBind’s novel biotherapeutic solutions have shown positive results in whiteleg shrimp against EMS.

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Fishmeal and fish oil shortage III: Novel ingredients

Would high fishmeal and fish oil prices allow for faster scale-up of novel ingredients?

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Thai insect producer takes a step further

Full Circle Biotechnology is the first insect producer to combine solid-fermentation with BSF production reaching 10 times higher yield and lower costs than BSF meal.

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Fishmeal and fish oil shortage II: Formulation in challenging times

Feed formulators have many alternatives to fishmeal and fish oil, but they are not without challenges.

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Fishmeal and fish oil shortage I: What are the alternatives?

The cancellation of the first Peruvian anchovy season and the current high prices of fishmeal and fish oil brought new challenges to the aquafeed industry. In this context, what are the alternatives?

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F3 Krill Replacement Challenge: Single Cell Proteins (SCPs) combined with palatants

Single-cell producer Unibio is one of the registrants of the challenge with a combined product of Unibio’s Uniprotein® and a functional palatant from Lucta.

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F3 Krill Replacement Challenge: A functional single-cell protein

Single-cell protein producer KnipBio is one of the registrants for the challenge with a functional single-cell protein based on Methylobacterium extorquens.