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FOCUS ON AQUALYSO: interviewing the team behind the Service Platform on Aquaculture Nutrition

Through a set of interviews, Adisseo explains the uniqueness of Aqualyso, a digestive and metabolic enhancer based on lysophospholipids that has been specifically developed for aquaculture applications.

The team interviewed is supporting the Service Platform on Aquaculture Nutrition, including Dr. Waldo Nuez, Global R&D manager aquaculture, Marleen Dehasque, Global Product Manager Aquaculture Nutrition, and Martin Guerin, Regional Technical Manager Aquaculture APAC/ISC.

At Adisseo, we understand that aquaculture is a young and dynamic industry. The success of our customers depends on their ability to respond quickly to their daily challenges. That is why we

work alongside our customers to optimize the application of our products. Our species-specific services are organized through a global service platform where field-experienced professionals

from around the globe share their experiences to provide practical solutions to both aquafeed producers as well as fish and shrimp integrators. For more information on the Service Platform on Aquaculture Nutrition.

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Editor's picks

Huvepharma omega-3 business tackling shortages in fish oil supplies

The company produces omega-3 algal powder and oil products at the largest fermentation facility in Europe for aquaculture and livestock applications.

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VICTAM Asia to feature the latest advances and innovations in the animal feed industry

The event, dedicated to the animal feed processing industry within Asia, will take place from March 12-14 at the BITEC Exhibition Center in Bangkok.

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Nutreco’s Garden of the Future to change the feed industry

The company is building a discovery facility that will focus on creating PhytoComplexes, plants or plant metabolites that, when added to feed, have physiological impacts that support the performance of farm animals.

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Cargill’s usage of novel ingredients grows

In the current market volatility, the company has been using its strategic position in the global food supply chain to explore alternative protein choices, invest in new technologies, and source sustainable raw materials.

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Africa: Fish feed update

Africa is keen on increasing aquaculture production, but it needs affordable fish feed and feed ingredients. Here is a review of the current situation and challenges.

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Ghana opens a ‘new aquaculture dispensation’ with alternative aquafeed

Recent developments in Ghana indicate that the production of commercial fish feed based on alternative ingredients will begin shortly.

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Aquafeed Outlook 2024: Automation, efficiency and new raw materials

2023 has been a challenging year for aquafeed manufacturers due to the high price of raw materials and low seafood prices. talked with some feed technology suppliers to get their insights and how they see 2024.

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Fishmeal and fish oil shortage IV: The impact and an outlook

In this final part of the series, we will discuss how the fishmeal and fish oil shortage and high prices are impacting the aquafeed industry and the potential effects on aquafeed producers and farmers in the medium term.

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5 key messages from IPIFF’s insect congress

In the EU’s quest to be less dependent on importing proteins for animal feed, alternatives must be viable and competitive. Insect-derived ingredients tick a lot of boxes to be the right candidate. Speakers at the recently held IPIFF annual conference addressed this once more.

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Transformative nanobody solution to drive change in disease prevention in aquaculture

NovoBind’s novel biotherapeutic solutions have shown positive results in whiteleg shrimp against EMS.