Towards Sustainable Aquafeed

Globally, aquaculture produced 87.1 million tonnes of aquatic animals in 2020, reaching a new high, and is expected to expand further over the next decade, according to the FAO. Aquafeed represents the single largest operating cost item for most fed aquaculture farms and is also one of the greatest contributors to aquaculture’s carbon footprint, therefore, it plays a pivotal role in the sustainability of aquaculture farms. The COVID-19 pandemic and the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine conflict have also brought new issues and have impacted aquafeed production costs, adding more challenges to the industry.

Recent technologies and developments have allowed approach sustainable aquaculture from different perspectives, bringing new solutions for more sustainable and profitable aquaculture production. These presentations, part of a conference hosted at VICTAM Asia in 2022, discuss improvements in the feed manufacturing process to reduce costs and energy consumption, sustainable ingredients and responsible sourcing, and strategies to improve animal health through aquafeeds.

Find below the recorded presentations!