• FAME (SPC Division of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Ecosystems) digital library

    The Pacific Community (SPC) is the principal scientific and technical organisation in the Pacific region, an international development organisation owned and governed by 26 country and territory members. 

  • International Aquaculture Feed Formulation Database (IAFFD)

    The IAFFD is comprised of two major modules: 1) the Feed Ingredient Composition Database (FICD) containing detailed information on the chemical composition and nutritional value of about 400 ingredients, and 2) the Aquaculture Species Nutritional Specifications Database (ASNS) including nutrient specifications for 26 species or groups of species that are commercially important in Asia and elsewhere.

  • IFREMER Library and publications

    The La Perouse Library is a collection of specialized documents in all disciplines related to the knowledge, the study and the utilization of the oceans.  Archimer is INFREMER's institutional repository that archives full texts and provides free access to records that include published articles, theses, conference papers and internal reports.

  • FDA Guidance on hazard analysis and preventive controls for animal feed

    FDA Guidance on hazard analysis and preventive controls for animal feed

    The guidance provides detailed information to help animal food facilities anticipate possible food safety hazards, identify risk-based preventive controls, and create and implement a plan to keep unsafe animal food from entering the marketplace. 

  • Feed and feeding practices in aquaculture

    Feed and feeding practices in aquaculture

    The book is a resource for understanding the key properties of feeds for aquaculture, advances in feed formulation and manufacturing techniques, and the practicalities of feeding systems and strategies. 

  • Food and feed drying technology: A practical approach

    Food and feed drying technology: A practical approach

    The book provides practical information on different drying technologies used across the range of food and feed products, including design procedures with examples from the authors’ industrial experience.

  • ACIR proceedings and publications

    Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIR) conference proceedings and publications (Use search term "Aquaculture")

  • NACA Proceedings

    Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific (NACA) frequently organizes technical workshops and consultations on aspects of aquaculture. The proceedings of such meetings are made available for free download. Audio and video recordings of technical presentations are also available for some meetings (please see the podcast section).

  • Biomin World Nutrition Forum 2016 presentations

    Leading academics and industry practitioners from the aquaculture sector gathered at the 2016 World Nutrition Forum, hosted by Biomin, to discuss the latest developments regarding nutrition, genetics, management and more. Video presentations from the Forum, held from 13-14 October in Vancouver, Canada, are available on


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