Glossary A-B

January 1, 1970


Activated Earth — Bleaching earth that has been treated with acid to increase its capacity for pigment adsorption from oil.

Additive — An ingredient or combination of ingredients, added to the basic feed mix or parts therof, to fulfill a specific need.

Aerate — To expose to the action or circulation of air.

Aflotoxicosis — An illness caused by the ingestion of aflatoxins. These toxins
are produced by certain fungi which grow on cereals and nuts.

Air Assist — The use of air in a grinding system to increasing grinding efficiency, control particle size,
pressure build-up, heating, dusting and moisture condensation.

Air Lock — A machine for introducing stocks into a pneumatic conveying line.

Alpha-Amylase — An enzyme which breaks down starch in germinating grain.

Amino Acid — One of a group of nitrogenous compounds which forms protein.

Animal Fat — Product composed of fat processed from warm blooded land animals or from parts thereof. It shall be technically free or organic solvents.

Aspirator — Wheat cleaning machine using controlled air currents.

Automatic Feed Controls — Self-acting devices to regulate the flow of stocks to various machines.


Bacteria — A group of one cell organisms.

Bactericide — An agent capable of destroying bacteria.

Bacteriostat — An agent which prevents bacteria multiplying.

Bagasse — Pulp from sugar cane.

Balanced — A diet or ration or feed having all known required nutrients in proper amount and proportion.

Barley Feed — By-product of the processing of screened and husked barley into pearl barley or semolina or sifted barley meal.

Barley Malt Culms — by-product of malting consisting of dried rootlets and shoots of germinated barley.

Barley Meal — The meal obtained by grinding barley, as grown, which shall be the whole grain together with only such other substances as may reasonably be expected to have become associated with the grain in the field and which contains not less than 96 per cent pure barley.

Barley, Flaked — Product obtained by steaming and rolling husked barley Hordeum valgare L.

Bean Meal — The meal obtained by grinding commercially pure beans of the species (1) Vicia faba or any of its varieties, commonly known as ‘horse bean’, ‘field bean’ or ‘broad bean’ or (2) Phaseolus vulgaris, the ‘true haricot bean’ or any of its varieities white or coloured.

Belt Conveyor — Endless band used forconveying grain or products in continuous stream.

Belt Hoist — A sack hoist with a slack belt which is brought into gear by a tightening pulley or lever.

Bin Discharger — Machine for delivering products from bulk storage bins.

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) — The quantity of oxygen used by bacteria in the oxygenation of organic matter in a specific time, at a specific temperature and under specific conditions.

Biotechnology — The science of using living things, such as plants or animals to develop new products or make modifications to existing ones. Current methods include the transfer of a gene from one organism to another. Also see "Genetic engineering," and "Transgenic."

Bleaching — Treatment of a fat or oil with a material such as activated charcoal or diatomaceous (Fullers) earth which removes or reduces the amount of coloring materials normally present in a refined oil. The bleaching process may be carried to the degree desired depending upon the color required by the eventual usage of the processed oil.

Bleaching Earth — Mined special earths or clays that when added to hot oil, at about 1%,
have the ability to adsorb unwanted pigments.

Block Flow — Diagram showing various Xsections of plant en bloc without detailing individual machines.

Blood Meal — Product obtained by drying the blood of slaughtered animals and poultry.
This product should be substantially free of foreign matter.

Blowline — A steel tube through which grain or feed can be blown.

Bonemeal Product — Obtained by drying and grinding bone, with the fat largely removed, from warm blooded land animals. the product should be substantially free of hair, bristle, feathers, horn, hoof, skin and blood, and of the contents of the stomach and viscera. It should also be free of splinters, and may not contain bone fragments with rough surfaces of jagged edges. It shall be technically free of organic solvents.

Bonemeal, Degelatinized — Degelatinised, sterilised, ground bones from which the fat has been removed.

Bowman-Birk Trypsin Inhibitor — A class of soybean trypsin inhibitors that has low molecular weight,
many disulfide links, and great stability to denaturation.

Bran — Pericarp of grain.

Break Flour — Flour produced during breaking down process.

Buckets — Elevator cans.

Bulk Delivery — Delivery of raw materials and finished feed in specially designed containers instead of bags.

Bulk Storage — Storage in bins instead of bags.

Buttermilk, Powdered — Product obtained by drying buttermilk, either by vaporisation in a current of hot air (‘spray’ powdered buttermilk) or by drying over cylinders (‘hatmaker’ or ‘roller’ powdered buttermilk).

By-Product — Secondary product produced in addition to the principal product.