World Hatchery Forum: Shrimp Feeds & Genetics II

Hatchery Feed & Management hosted the World Hatchery Forum, a webinar series focused on practical solutions for aquaculture hatchery managers. Through four webinars (I, III and IV), the series discussed fish and shrimp feeds, genetics, as well as recent equipment and technology innovations. In this second webinar, 1:10 Jef Peeters, Global Product Manager of Products for Shrimp Larvae at BioMar, 28:27 Ricardo Cedeño, Specialist in Shrimp Farms at Cargill, 44:02 Alan Tinch, VP of Genetics at the Center for Aquaculture Technologies, and 1:05:41 Mitchell Lucas, Lead Geneticist for American Penaeid, discussed feeds, genomic tools and breeding strategies.

Sponsored by Cargill and The Center for Aquaculture Technologies.