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Aquaculture Pharmacology book

Aquaculture Pharmacology is an up-to-date, "all-inclusive" reference guide that provides an understanding of practical drug information for the aquaculture industry. This book covers the sources, chemical properties and mechanisms of action of drugs, and the biological systems upon which they act. It covers various drug interactions, therapeutic uses of drugs, as well as legal considerations within the industry as a whole. It presents the four main groups of drugs used in fish, crustaceans and mollusks and includes disinfectants, antimicrobial drugs, antiparasitic agents and anesthetics, and identifies areas where more research is needed to generate more knowledge to support a sustainable aquaculture industry.

With the burgeoning international aquaculture expansion and expanding global trade in live aquatic animals and their products, this book is useful to bacteriologists, mycologists, aquaculturists, clinical practitioners in aquatic animal health and all those in industry, government or academia who are interested in aquaculture, fisheries and comparative biology.

Check out the book here.


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