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Microalgae: Cultivation, Recovery of Compounds and Applications

Thursday, November 26, 2020

The book Microalgae: Cultivation, Recovery of Compounds and Applications supports the scientific community, professionals and enterprises that aspire to develop industrial and commercialized applications of microalgae cultivation. Topics covered include conventional and emerging cultivation and harvesting techniques of microalgae, design, transport phenomena models of microalgae growth in photobioreactors and the catalytic conversion of microalgae. A significant focus of the book illustrates how marine algae can increase sustainability in industries like food, agriculture, biofuel and bioprocessing, among others.

This book is a reference for food scientists, technologists and engineers working in the bioresource technology field. It will be of particular interest to academics and professionals working in the food industry, food processing, chemical engineering and biotechnology.

Key features are:

  • Explores emerging technologies for the clean recovery of antioxidants from microalgae.
  • Includes edible oil and biofuels production, functional food, cosmetics and animal feed applications.
  • Discusses microalgae use in sustainable agriculture and wastewater treatment.
  • Considers the techno-economic aspects of microalgae processing for biofuel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and bioplastics.

Check out the book here.


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