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Berg + Schmidt testing functional lipids in aquaculture

Monday, December 7, 2020

Berg + Schmidt will present at EuroTier Digital 2021 its feed ingredients that have a positive effect on the immune system and performance of all animal species, from aquaculture and poultry to pigs and cattle. “Thanks to Berg + Schmidt's special technology, the natural fats and oils are easy to process and offer highly functional added value,” the company said.

The company will present LipoVital, a product of particular interest to manufacturers who want to reduce the use of antibiotics and improve intestinal health and resistance. Together with partners from the compound feed industry, Berg + Schmidt investigated its effects in piglet rearing. LipoVital offers a very high content of monoglycerides and therefore has specific antiviral and antibacterial properties. A trial with broilers at the University of Rostock confirmed the excellent effect of LipoVital on Clostridia perfringens. Both the intestinal flora and the performance parameters were positively influenced in this trial. Studies at the Pipestone Applied Research Institute and the Cornell University Animal Health Center also demonstrated the high antiviral activity of LipoVital monoglycerides. In contrast to free fatty acids, the products are non-corrosive and show high acceptance in young animals thanks to their neutral taste and smell. LipoVital Monoglycerides can be supplied as a high-purity raw material and as a customized compound. They are very effective even in low doses and the inclusion rate can be increased if necessary.

Berg + Schmidt is currently working with renowned institutes on further trials for the use of LipoVital in aquaculture, with initially promising results in salmon and shrimp feeding. In addition to the focus on resistance, the LipoVital portfolio with its medium-chain triglycerides offers top-quality, highly bioavailable energy sources for young animals.

The company will also introduce its lecithins obtained from plants such as soya, rapeseed or sunflower. The portfolio of Berg + Schmidt comprises a broad spectrum of products, from hydrolyzed and powdery to liquid lecithins, and tailor-made compounds. The versatile areas of application range from use in milk replacers to poultry and pig feed, and the aqua sector.


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