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How to get license for feed and feed additives in China

Monday, August 9, 2021

Overseas manufacturing companies interested in exporting feed and feed additives in China are increasing each year. Ring One Technology Consulting Ltd is now providing global feed and feed additives companies with GACC access and MARA registration for products export to China. 

Companies planning to register their feed products to sell in China need to apply for a MARA license issued by the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. The license is valid for five years and needs to be renewed at least two months before the expiring date. The company requires a Chinese authorized company in China to handle the application of the license on the company’s behalf. 

The required documents for the licensing process include: the license of the local country, power of attorney, product chemical properties, source of the product and composition, manufacturing method, product standard and test method, labels from the local country, the intended use range of application and usage and dosage, packing and storage and application situation in other country or area.  

The overall MARA process takes 4-6 months after submitting the required material. MARA will audit the materials and the decision will be made within 20 business days. After the materials are approved, a sample will be sent to the inspection institution for testing and results will be turned out within two months. After the samples are qualified, the inspection institution will report to MARA that will issue the Register License of Imported Feed and Feeds Additives and make a public announcement. 

According to China’s regulations for overseas manufacturers, the types of feed are as follows: 

  • Single feed and compound feed.
  • Concentrated feed, which includes protein supplement feed.
  • Additive premix feed including amino acids, their salts and analogs, vitamin, provitamins, mineral elements, and their complexes (chelates) minerals, enzymes, live micro-organisms, non-protein nitrogen, antioxidants, preservatives and acidity regulators, coloring agents, flavoring and appetizing substances binders, sticking, stabilizing and emulsifying agents, polysaccharides and oligosaccharides,
  • Concentrate supplements including mixed concentrated feed, mainly composed of energy feed, protein feed, mineral feed, and some feed additives.

“Application requirements for feed ingredient and feed additive licenses in China can be a bit tricky. We specialize in providing global feed and feed additives companies access to MARA registration for products export to China, technical consultation on product testing, trademark, intellectual property protection, and training on Chinese market regulations,” said Faraji Maleta, international trade consultant at Ring One Technology Consulting. 

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