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Bioréa achieves double certification for its microalgae production plant

Friday, August 27, 2021

One year after the beginning of its new plant in Lamballe, in Brittany, France, Bioréa, an Agrial's subsidiary company, has successfully obtained ISO 22000 FFSC (feed and food) and GMP+B2 (feed) certifications. This achievement demonstrates the excellence of Bioréa's industrial fermentation process, which meets the highest standards of product quality and safety for the food and feed markets.

Bioréa's expertise covers two areas of action: on the one hand, the cultivation of various microorganisms (microalgae, yeasts, bacteria) for the health nutrition, cosmetics, pet food, animal nutrition and aquaculture industries, and on the other hand, the custom development of liquid or dry biomasses “ready for use or extraction”, from R&D to production.

As an expert in fermentation, Bioréa has an industrial tool developed around a patented bioreactor technology dedicated to the production of microorganisms (microalgae, yeast, bacteria). This technology was awarded the EFIB 2020 prize, the European biotechnology forum. This production unit is mainly dedicated to contract production as a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization). It includes three R&D laboratories with specific “CiYOU - Cultivate-It-Yourself” benchtop bioreactors, a pilot hall for scale-up and finally, several industrial fermentation lines to produce up to hundreds of tons of dried microalgae per year.

“After ten years of focusing on scaling up our unique continuous airlift fermentation process, Bioréa team has built a new state-of-the-art plant to meet the growing demand. These quality certifications of our new plant confirm our evolution as an industrial player. This is an extraordinary achievement for the team that is deeply involved in this success story. But this is only the beginning of the story. We are increasing our production capacity and our industrial development plan foresees further progress in the near future!” said Olivier Chavanes, CEO of Bioréa.

“These two certifications will allow us to strengthen the relationship of trust established with our customers for several years and also conquer new markets. This is a very exciting time for Bioréa with several CDMO contracts being finalized,” said Sylvain Carcelle, business development manager at Bioréa. 


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