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Scoular releases first annual sustainability report

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Progress against reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the total marine products sourced from sustainable processors are among the items and goals highlighted in Scoular’s first annual sustainability report. The report outlines Scoular’s 2025 goals and commitments for addressing its most material issues and spotlights the progress from June 2020 to May 2021 on each of the company’s five sustainability pillars.   

“Scoular has a long history of creating safe, reliable and responsible supply chain solutions, and this inaugural report formalizes and communicates to our stakeholders these longtime beliefs,” said Scoular CEO, Paul Maass. 

“As we look to our future, we are committed to working toward our sustainability goals and building prosperous partnerships and communities well-equipped to protect our planet,” added chief legal and external affairs officer, Megan Belcher. 

In December 2021, the company announced its five-year sustainability strategy and its five sustainability pillars. The five pillars are reducing Scoular’s carbon footprint, fostering responsible product sourcing, engaging in Scoular’s communities, promoting diversity and inclusion, and upholding workplace health and safety. Future reports will include additional details on targets, new initiatives, and detailed progress tracking. 

“While we are still quantifying many of our goals, we realize the solutions required to solve the world’s most challenging issues will evolve,” said Josh Mellinger, who Scoular hired in July as its first Director of Sustainability. “Rather than waiting for certainty, we choose to act now and lead through uncertainty. More importantly, we want to reemphasize our commitment to delivering responsible supply chain solutions for all our partners.” 

Check out the report here.


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