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EU algae, yeast and insect sectors join forces to support upscaling alt protein

Monday, December 6, 2021

The EU umbrella organizations for the algae (EABA), yeast (COFALEC) and insect production sectors (IPIFF) joined forces in supporting efforts to upscale EU protein production. Representatives of the three sectors launched a joint roadmap that focuses on four main pillars, unlocking regulatory opportunities, facilitating access to green investment, supporting R&D efforts and developing joint promotion/communication activities.   

Recognized under the “Farm to Fork” strategy, new sources of nutrition may play a considerable role in reducing “the dependency on critical feed materials” while also contributing to the development of healthier, nutritious food products. IPIFF’s president, Adriana Casillas, highlighted that the potential of these innovative sectors to contribute to the “Farm to Fork” objectives is unequalled.  

“The scientific evidence from past years provides promising directions to raise awareness around the nutritional and environmental benefits of alternative proteins and along with other sectors active in the production of such new proteins, we are committed to addressing possible challenges,” said IPIFF’s second vice-president, Antoine Hubert. 

EABA president, Vitor Verdelho Vieira also underlined that “such sectors have the potential to transform EU’s food systems.” Yet, to maximize their contribution, a regulatory level-playing field is necessary. “All three sectors have expressed their commitment to strengthen their partnership to further explore the nutritional and environmental benefits associated with these innovative solutions, especially in the context of EU funded research program,” mentioned IPIFF’s first vice-president, Aman Paul.  


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