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Symrise segments Diana Aqua feed offering into three product ranges

Monday, December 13, 2021

In a growing international context, Diana Aqua, a business unit of Symrise Flavor & Nutrition, has decided to segment its offering into three very distinct ranges: Extrapal, Actipal and Nutri. This offer will help aquafeed manufacturers identify which products to supply to farmers according to their needs. Diana Aqua has created a specific graphic identity for these three ranges with a color code for each brand stamped on all documents.

Extrapal includes the palatability enhancer range 

Extrapal palatability enhancers help formulators relax about fish feed intake during the rearing cycle. It also makes them and their formulations less dependent on animal proteins by using plants and novel ingredients. Fish can adapt faster to a new diet or formulation changes. Without having to worry about feed intake, formulators can focus on nutrition.

These palatability enhancers will help fish get back to optimal feed intake after any events such as transfer, sampling, size grading, vaccination, predator attacks, diseases or water quality changes due to, for example, temperature, etc. It will also improve fish size homogeneity. At the farm, palatability enhancers will increase the performance of the aquafeed.

Actipal with standardized functional hydrolysate range 

Batch-controlled processes guarantee an adequate and stable level of free amino acids and bioactive peptides. Free amino acids increase the attractiveness of the feed and therefore the animal feed intake. Bioactive peptides exert a direct effect on key biological mechanisms, allowing for higher resistance to stress and pathogens and thus leading to better health and survival. Sophisticated processes ensure the delivery of a stable peptidic profile batch after batch to achieve replicable results. In addition to the animal feed intake improvement and health benefits, the hydrolyzed proteins with low molecular weight quickly cross the intestine membrane, leading to improved feed efficiency and faster growth.

Nutri entails the nutrition range for aquaculture feed

Processed in the company plants or with selected partners, the Nutri range offers the best nutrition for fish and shrimp feed. It carries the Diana Aqua guarantee for sustainable and traceable raw materials that are certified and carefully processed and also takes social welfare into account in alignment with today’s global standards.


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