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Alltech to present Asian mycotoxin screening findings

Thursday, December 16, 2021

As aquaculture grows in importance for feeding an ever-expanding global population, the industry must ensure its sustainability to keep up with increased demand. Because of this, plant-based materials are being increasingly introduced into the aquafeed formulation. However, while these ingredients may benefit environmental and industry sustainability, they also present the potential threat of mycotoxins, which can be detrimental to aquaculture production.

To fully understand the challenge faced, Alltech has conducted the Alltech Asia Mycotoxin screening program. This far-reaching study has investigated feed samples and plant materials throughout the continent, illustrating the true mycotoxin landscape of Asian aquaculture.

The findings from the screening program will be presented in a live webinar on January 20, 2022, providing essential insights and advice on tackling mycotoxin challenges in your aquaculture production. Following this virtual event, there will also be a full report detailing all of the data.

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