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Aquasoja adds three formulations to its salmonid portfolio

Monday, February 21, 2022

Aquasoja has included three products for the grow-out of salmonid species in its portfolio that differ in terms of energy density. Trout Plus and Supreme Trout are low- and medium-energy dense feeds, more oriented to rainbow trout, while Supreme Plus, the highest energy-dense feed, is suitable for more extreme environments where low-water temperatures may compromise feed intake of trout species and salmon. 

These feeds can be characterized based on different formulation targets. In terms of performance, all diets are optimized for the DP/DE ratio, in accordance with pellet size, in order to promote growth and minimize FCR. Animal ingredients, like poultry co-products and/or sustainable marine ingredients, comprise a considerable part of the formulas since these are carnivorous fish that demand high biological value protein in their diets. In addition, to enhance the palatability and therefore feed intake, all feeds include crustacean hydrolysate.

Focused on decreasing nutrient excretion to the environment, besides accurate DP/DE ratios, the company’s salmonids’ feeds contain moderate levels of phosphorus, controlled through the inclusion of enzymes and/or the judicious choice of raw materials. Following Aquasoja sustainability and circular economy well-known practices, these feeds present reduced dependency in wild marine stocks, meaning a very low Fish Forage Dependency Ratio. 

From a functional and health perspective, besides containing standard functional ingredients to maintain the overall good health status of salmonids in terms of gut and liver condition, these feeds can also be supplemented whenever needed with functional additives oriented to bacterial pathogens or skin inflammations. Finally, to achieve the desired fillet color, feeds can be supplemented with 25, 50 or 80 mg/kg of astaxanthin.

Trout Plus, Supreme Trout and Supreme Plus are available with or without poultry co-products and from 3-mm diameter pellet onwards. 


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