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FAMSUN introduces multifunctional online particle size analyzer

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Famsun’s Research & Development Institute developed the online system, FAMSUN Multifunction Online Particle Size Analyzer, to improve the grinding process and product quality in feed mills. 

With few amends to the grinding line, the analyzer can be installed between the discharge outlet of a hammermill and the inlet of a transporting bucket elevator. A fixed focus high-speed camera with a frequency conversion LED captures the image of ground particles that pass through the screen in real-time. With the real-time photos, the analyzer can identify the sizes and the size distribution of the fine particles. The quality data are reported as a bar graph, from which operators can easily understand the performance of the hammermill and the quality of products in real-time.

Switching from traditional methods to online measuring processes eliminates the need for manual sampling and analysis and the associated laboratory costs. The analyzer provides real-time quality data automatically 24 hours a day without human interference. Its reports allow operators to make decisions scientifically. Operators can adjust the rotating speed of the grinder feeder and air volume of the air assist system to produce particles of correct sizes and increase throughput as well. That will save many rounds of trial and error compared to traditional methods.

FAMSUN Multifunction Online Particle Size Analyzer can measure the shape and size of both coarse and fine particles in size distribution between 0.4 mm and 6 mm, covering the grinding requirements of all raw materials in feed mills. The compact structure allows it to be installed on most types of hammermills available in the marketplace. It is suited for retrofitting existing grinding lines in many feed factories. 

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