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Lallemand unveils functional hydrolyzed yeast

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Lallemand Animal Nutrition introduces YELA PROSECURE, a specifically designed hydrolyzed yeast. It offers highly digestible and functional nutrients that support animal performance, digestive care and feed palatability while contributing to the feed protein balance. YELA PROSECURE is an innovative feed material (Regulation (EU) No 68/2013) that can be used in all animal species.

“At Lallemand, we have been working on the screening of different feed-grade yeast biomasses and on the optimization of their production process, which led to the development of YELA PROSECURE. A controlled hydrolysis process is applied with the addition of specifically selected exogenous enzymes to the biomass, ensuring high nutrient digestibility and functionality while being reliable and volume available,” the company said.

YELA PROSECURE provides functional nutrients with dual action:

  • In the upper gut: highly digestible proteins, high level of free digestible amino acids and small peptides, early and fast amino acids absorption kinetic.
  • In the lower gut: fermentable carbohydrates inducing a late energy release.

“Today, we are seeing some of the key market drivers that are putting pressure on the supply of feed materials. These include the global increase in animal production, competition between food and feed in terms of edible protein, supply chain challenges, price volatility, the context of reducing medication practices, as well as increasing demands for more sustainable feed,” the company said. “The development of new functional feed ingredients is a growing trend that can help address some of these concerns. As such, yeast-based ingredients are seen as promising solutions.”

Animal trials conducted on commercial and research farms have confirmed the value of YELA PROSECURE in improving animal performances and farm profitability.


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