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Real-time grain quality analyzer enables better decisions

Thursday, March 31, 2022

GrainSense launched a product innovation for real-time grain quality analysis. As the world’s population keeps growing and climate challenges affect farming, the food industry is in dire need of smart solutions that make food production more efficient and reliable. Being able to track and monitor the quality of crops becomes a decisive factor in the grain business as we approach modern highly data-driven agriculture.

GrainSense Oy delivered a ground-breaking innovation for grain quality analysis. Reliable data on protein and moisture of crops as well as green and broken kernels levels allow farmers to make educated decisions regarding their harvests. The GrainSense Flow Analyzer has been developed specifically for environments where grains are flowing such as combined harvesters, silos, or dryers. Grain quality is measured constantly while on the move and the collected data is sent to the GrainSense Cloud database for real-time analysis and monitoring. 

The GrainSense Flow Analyzer is based on patented technology that is already successfully used in another GrainSense product, the hand-held analyzer launched in 2017. “There are already well over 1,500 GrainSense Analyzers in use in more than 40 countries,” explained CEO Riku Niemelä from GrainSense. “Now we are bringing out an even more advanced solution to help make grain yields more predictable and harvests more profitable.” 

GrainSense customers are excited about the new product. “Grain quality level monitoring in real-time is something totally new for me,” said a farmer from Tyrnävä, Finland. While another farmer based in Muhos, Finland said that “being able to check up on the drying process whenever and wherever is the key feature for us.”

With a partner and distributor network spanning across Europe, Asia, North and Latin Americas as well as Australia, GrainSense is ready to serve a global audience in intelligent agriculture.


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