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Angel Yeast to ramp up efforts in sustainable development

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Yeast producer, Angel Yeast, plans to make more concrete moves to drive sustainable development, it announced on April 22, Earth Day 2022. It is the company's endeavor and commitment to "Invest in Our Planet", which is the theme of this year's Earth Day. Starting in 1970, Earth Day is the world's largest recruiter for the environmental movement to drive positive action for the planet.

“We provide quality and reliable products to over 160 countries. Meanwhile, we stick to a 'green' business mode and always make environmental issues a top priority. As we are celebrating Earth Day, we pledge to make our 'investment' with more substantial projects and plans to help drive a prosperous and sustainable future,” said Minghua Xiao, general manager of Angel.

In 2021, Angel Yeast invested CNY 513 million (USD 78.2 million) for environmental protection. Next, it will step up efforts to reach sustainability goals with a focus on technology innovation, emissions reduction, and clean energy.

Technology innovation

The aim is to use tech innovation to have a clean, pollution-free and environmentally friendly manufacturing process. To achieve this, Angel Yeast poured CNY 475 million (USD 72.4 million) into research and development in 2021. It has also set up intelligent and “green” factories for yeast production, where all the production lines are automated, in order to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

Clean energy and emissions reduction

To cut and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, the world has been reducing fossil fuel dependency by using alternative clean energy such as ethanol fuel. Yeast is a key ingredient in industrial ethanol production and Angel Yeast is a major yeast supplier and technology provider of ethanol fuel production. In addition, clean energy has also been used in yeast production at Angel Yeast. To reduce coal-burning in boilers, Angel Yeast recycles methane from wastewater. The total amount of methane recycled last year reached 16.89 million cubic meters.

In 2021, Angel Yeast completed 28 technological transformation projects to reduce emissions, cutting a total of 19,700 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The company also uses yeast fermentation broth to produce organic fertilizer, driving sustainable development in agriculture.

Push for healthy and sustainable future

Angel Yeast has been dedicated to advancing yeast technology and biotech to promote sustainable agriculture and bring a healthy and nutritious diet to people. The company has innovated yeast protein technology to offer alternatives to animal protein. 


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