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Food and feed drying technology: A practical approach

The book Food and Feed Drying Technology: A Pratical Approach provides practical information on different drying technologies used across the range of food and feed products. It includes design procedures with examples from the authors’ industrial experience.

Drying is amongst the most commonly utilized operations in food and feed processing. It is also one of the most energy-intensive, therefore, making it a significant operation with respect to both processing cost and carbon footprint.

In many companies, if the dryer is producing a suitable product, it tends to be ignored. Typically, many industrial drying processes are performing adequately, but not well. These deficiencies may be with respect to energy efficiency or production efficiency, or with respect to product quality and consistency. While taking time to understand drying processes, significant opportunities for improving productivity are often found.

This text draws on the wide industry experience of the two authors, Denis Forte and Gordon Young, gained over decades across a wide range of products, industries, and drying technologies. Relevant theoretical background is presented, but with a practical focus, describing tools that can be used in industry to understand, analyze, and improve drying processes. It includes examples, from the authors’ practical experience, to demonstrate how these tools can be applied.

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