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Danish startup opens carbon capture pilot plant to produce feed ingredients

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Danish startup Algiecel opened its pilot mobile container-based photobioreactor at the Danish Technological Institute in Taastrup, Denmark. The pilot plant consists of a mobile container-based photobioreactor that utilizes algae to sequester CO2 emissions from industrial processes. 

The solution has been made mobile and can thus easily be installed at biogas or fermentation plants where CO2 emissions can be collected. The CO2 will be turned into highly valuable commodity products, such as omega-3 oils and protein to be used in food and feed products.  

Henrik Busch-Larsen, founder and CEO of Algiecel, said that “the world is facing a green transition. We need to rethink how we produce those products we all take for granted in our everyday lives. CO2 emissions from industrial processes must be reduced, and new technology and methods must be developed so that the green transition affects our industries and thus our society as softly, or should we say, as effectively as possible. We at Algiecel have seen the need to deliver such technology, that contributes to making the transition as easy and cost-effective as possible, enabling that carbon capture can be delivered as a service”.


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