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Deep Branch appoints chief innovation officer

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Deep Branch has appointed Anders Clausen as its new chief innovation officer. Anders will oversee the company’s technical leadership team in setting and executing its research and development strategy and ensuring Deep Branch holds robust intellectual property for its technology platform and products. He will also lead in establishing external research and development collaborations for the business.

With over 25 years of working in biotechnology, Anders brings vast experience in bioprocess technology development and application development for microbes in food. He joins the company after founding Productus, a business dedicated to providing guidance on research and development strategy and production process development within bioscience. Prior to this, Anders spent over a decade with market-leading cultures and probiotics producer Chr. Hansen, primarily focusing on developing new products and production platform technologies for stabilizing lactic acid bacteria as starter cultures and probiotics. 

Anders has extensive knowledge in developing and implementing fermentation and downstream processes for microorganisms through rapid up and downscaling. He is also experienced in managing innovation and technology development through collaboration between the private sector and academia.

“The microbial protein sector is still in its infancy. However, it’s clear that Deep Branch will play a crucial role in shaping its maturity. We’re ideally placed to define the opportunities for single-cell protein globally and unlock the potential of gas fermentation by solving the remaining technical and engineering challenges. Joining Deep Branch on this journey is incredibly exciting given the scientific and commercial opportunities it represents,” Anders said.

“Commercializing any technology is about more than good ideas, it requires strong execution. This is crucial in biotechnology because our development cycles are so long compared to other industries. Anders brings a wealth of experience in managing the commercialization of new bioprocesses through their full innovation life-cycle. Coming from Chr. Hansen, he knows that innovation must consider all key stakeholders, and it's clear that he works hard to ensure commitment from all parties to get to a win-win situation. Anders will be integral in bringing our (R)evolve™ gas fermentation platform to full maturity, ensuring we can commercialize products quickly, efficiently and with the ability to meet genuine market demand,” said Deep Branch’s CEO, Pete Rowe.


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