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All Natural Krill Oil

Thursday, March 3, 2005


Krill are planktonic crustaceans that are an excellent source of nutrients for a wide variety of aquaculture applications.   

Krill meal is used as a source of protein in fish and shrimp feeds and has is prized for its strong attractant properties.  Whole krill is routinely fed to adult broodstock instead of enriched Artemia Biomass and to PL’s in production tanks as an important source of lipids and pigments.  

AquaInTech Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of high quality krill oil.   Produced without the use of solvents this all natural product is more than 99% lipid.  

Possible uses include as a feed supplement and a top dress for feeds to improve attractability, a source of Astaxanthin and essential fatty acids, an enrichment tool for Artemia and Rotifers, and a component of larval shrimp and fish diets. 

For complete nutritional information and pricing contact Stephen G. Newman Ph.D.:


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