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A new biotechnology company in Chile: PerOs Aquatic

Monday, August 8, 2005

PerOs Systems Technologies has announced the establishment of its worldwide aquaculture division, PerOs Aquatic Limitada. This new Chilean biotechnology company will be using PerOs' patented Oralject technology to address major health concerns in the aquaculture market.

Oralject is a revolutionary technology that permits the oral delivery of a variety of therapeutic molecules, including antigens, peptides and nutraceuticals. Oralject can be combined with these prescribed bioactive compounds and administered at virtually any stage of a fish's growth cycle.

This unique drug delivery technology will allow PerOs Aquatic to offer unprecedented protection to fish crops. Unlike injectable drug delivery methods, PerOs' Oralject technology allows fish to be protected in any field situation.

Over the next few years, PerOs Aquatic will be introducing a range of new Oralject technology applications, and Chile will be the first country in the world to have access to these solutions.

"PerOs Aquatic will represent an important economic value to Chile. The establishment of PerOs Aquatic in Chile will not only impact the Chilean aquaculture industry, but also generate applications of the technology that will be exported around the world," announced Mr. Jean-Simon Venne, CEO of PerOs.

Mr. Alejandro Rojas Hube, a veterinarian who brings more than 17 years' experience in the aquaculture business in the areas of production, health, environment and traceability, has been appointed General Manager of PerOs Aquatic.

 "Mr. Rojas' expertise in the salmon aquaculture industry is a very good addition to our international team," said Mr. Denis Bernier, President of PerOs, "I am convinced we've chosen the best person to lead our aquatic division."

PerOs Aquatic's veterinary specialists will work directly with Chilean fish producers to evaluate health problems encountered at their installations and develop customized treatments that take advantage of the flexibility of PerOs' Oralject technology. Based on these cooperative ventures, PerOs Aquatic will continue to develop and manufacture Oralject applications that will impact the aquaculture industry throughout the world.

About PerOs
PerOs Systems Technologies Inc. is a privately held biotechnology company that has developed efficient non-encapsulation strategies that allow bioactive compounds to be delivered orally. The company holds patents on a number of these developments, and is now beginning to commercialize its solutions.

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