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Alfalfa extract for color and growth

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The benefit of incorporating PX Aqua, a concentrated alfalfa extract (CAE) has been demonstrated in a number of trials conducted in partnership with specialized research institutes in France and abroad. The results of these tests show the impact of using PX Aqua on natural improvement of color and growth performance

PX Aqua is a potent 100% natural source of unique alfalfa phytochemical complex containing xanthophylls and carotenoids. The elevated content of natural yellow pigments in PX Aqua makes it an ingredient of choice in aquaculture for the pigmentation of various species of shellfish and fish. This pigmenting capacity of PX Aqua in fish and shellfish results from the presence of natural xanthophylls. The principal pigments in PX Aqua are:Beta Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Violaxanthin and Neoxanthin.


The pigmentation efficacy of these pigments varies according to species, which in turn depends on each species capacity to metabolize them. Examples include: shellfish (shrimp and prawns) and finfish (seabream, juvenile trout, koi, tropical fish)
The combination of good digestibility and a balanced amino acid profile provides PX


Aqua with a very high nutritive value. Feeding finfish and shellfish PX Aqua, with an iso-energy and iso-protein formulation, increases growth efficiency.


PX Aqua is available in pellet and crumble (granular) forms.

For additional information see the following PDF files:
PX Aqua Composition
A Well Balanced Protein
Stability of Pigments
PX Aqua vs. Spirulina Comparison


Please contact Rob Brewster for more information and detailed trial information by clicking HERE.


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