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New laboratory mixers / vacuum coaters

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Forberg International AS has upgraded their scope of delivery of laboratory machines and four new models are now being launched:

F-6-RM standard
F-6-RM automatic
F-6-RVC standard
F-6-RVC automatic

Both standard models for the laboratory mixer and laboratory vacuum coater are rotated from filling to discharge position by means of hand operated worm gear. The automatic models rotate automatically.

Forberg® mixers and coaters are frequently used in laboratories by customers all over the world for research, product development, quality control, training, etc. Forberg® rotating laboratory mixers / laboratory vacuum coaters are both based on the well-known and patented mixing technology with the weightless zone. It is relatively easy to upgrade the Forberg rotating mixer to become a rotating vacuum coater.

These new laboratory machines are an addition to the existing laboratory models and are used to solve various tasks within several industries. It is now possible to develop new processes for products, such as multiple layer technology with liquids and powders. The rotating laboratory units give each and everyone the possibility to ensure a 100% repeatability of tests and research and development results.

The most advanced rotating laboratory vacuum coater can perform a complete cycle consisting of for instance mixing, drawing vacuum, spraying, deep penetrating coating of liquid, surface coating with liquids and powders, rotation of the laboratory unit and finally discharge of the product into a reception bin. It is possible to add vitamins, flavours, colours, fat, oil, medicine, oxidants, etc. deeply into the core of for instance extrudates without having to over-formulate the batches. This may lead to major savings of these especially sensitive and often expensive ingredients and you will experience a rapid payoff of the investment.

The first rotating laboratory units are already available for testing and several have been sold to research institutes and major companies within various industries.


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