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New York chefs woed by Australian Hiramasa King Fish as 'Prada of Seafood'

Monday, June 23, 2003

Top New York restaurants are the target for the latest culinary offering from the pristine waters of the Great Southern Ocean, off the coast of South Australia.

The Hiramasa King Fish has had leading chefs hooked during a unique marketing campaign involving air freighted fish and personalized sashimi tasting sessions.

Hiramasa King Fish company Marketing Director John Susman said he personally served up Hiramasa King Fish to chefs at Nobu, Citarella and Esca, and this week presents the fish at Gustavinos to a select invite only audience.

He said the fish, which has a high fat content -- full of Omega 3s, and has a broad flake and sweet flesh -- "is a true chefs' fish, the Prada of seafood".

In keeping with the high end focus, the Hiramasa King Fish company has just become the first in the Southern Hemisphere to be registered ISO 14001 for environmentally sustainable management practices -- and is striving for organic certification.

"We are not just trying to throw another Hiramasa on the barbie," Susman said. "This is a culinary and moral issue for us."

"Currently the fish is classified biodynamic which means the fish food is GMO and land animal product free there is minimal stocking densities within the sea cages and no antibiotics or artificial treatments are used," said Susman. "We plan to produce our own organic fish feed in the very near future."

A unique combination of traditional Japanese harvesting techniques and modern technology means the Hiramasa arrive via airfreight, in pristine, fresh condition, to leading restaurants a day after leaving the water.

"Chefs are not fazed that the fish comes from 30 hours away, the handling and logistics are so good, that the Hiramasa is arriving in better condition than many fish caught locally off the Grand Banks in Nova Scotia"

The Australian Hiramasa King Fish is an endemic species to the waters of South Australia and is therefore produced in its natural environment.


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