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Alltech establishes a home base in California

Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Alltech, a leading provider of solutions to the feed, food and alcohol industries, has established its first base of operations in California, under the direction of Ty Yeast. Alltech also has regional offices in the Midwest, Northeast and South.

“The Western Region’s market is growing at such a rate that it warrants a separate regional office,” said Yeast. “The market potential in this state is larger than that of many countries.”

Peter Karnezos, vice president of North American Sales, believes the new office is a positive move for Alltech and one that is necessary to continue Alltech’s commitment to its customers and the marketplace. “Alltech has a mandate to continue our commitment to provide efficient services to our customers and the animal feed industry,” said Karnezos. “I am excited to have a presence in the Californian market and believe our presence will rapidly grow in the near future.”

Alltech has had a presence in California for almost two decades, and has worked with universities and researchers in the state. Noteworthy relationships have been with Dr. Richard Zinn of the University of California, Davis and Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer, professor emeritus (UCSD). Dr. Zinn’s research on Fibrozyme, an enzyme formulation from Alltech, has shown improvement in fiber digestibility in large California dairy herds as well as feedlot steers. Schrauzer, a pioneering researcher on selenium for human health, has been a speaker at Alltech seminars around the world.

Yeast is now sales director of the Western region of North America, which includes parts in the United States and Canada. He will be based in Fresno, located in the heart of the company’s Western Region. Previously, Yeast, who has been with Alltech for eight years, was the regional territory manager for Western Canada.

For further information on Alltech California and the services and products available through this office, please call 1-559-226-0405, fax 1-559-226-0406, or visit


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