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Geelen Counterflow Batch Dryer MkII

Friday, August 29, 2003

Geelen Counterflow is expanding its manufacturing capacity at its plant in Haelen, Netherlands to meet fast growing demand for its new Batch Dryer MkII for extruded products. The latest generation of the successful Batch Dryer (originally introduced in 1995) features reduced height and footprint, leading to a savings in required plant volume of over 50%. A revolutionary new PLC-driven product distributor places the product exactly where it is needed, ensuring a smooth product bed on the top deck. And a new hydraulically driven discharging system then enables perfect vertical drops so there is no more need for any product guiding or distribution systems for subsequent decks.

Even though the first generation Batch Dryers already provided large savings in cleaning time compared to horizontal belt or tray dryers (with most of its operators reporting cleaning frequencies of less than 2 x per year), sanitation has been further improved on the Batch Dryer MkII, by reengineering every part of the dryer where there is a risk of product accumulation.

The dryer's moisture control system is probably the most advanced in the world, using accurate on-line microwave moisture sensors, user friendly touch screen controls and very advanced safety systems to counter the risk of product overheating.

One of the main reasons for the success of Batch Dryers is unchanged: they provide a way to switch fast from one product recipee to another without compromise to sanitation or moisture uniformity.

Following the requirements for ever larger capacitities, this range is available for capacities up to 25 mt/h.

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