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PARAdigmOX - a new standard in antioxidants for aquaculture applications

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Kemin Europa has set a new standard in antioxidants for aquaculture applications " a new breakthrough beyond ethoxyquin

Fish meal and fish oil are essential ingredients of aquaculture feeds. These ingredients are known to be extremely prone to oxidative degradation. To prevent this oxidation, the aquaculture industry has been using the antioxidant ethoxyquin successfully for decades.
Recently there is an increased market demand towards the replacement of ethoxyquin by other, safer alternatives. These alternatives have to be competitive
with ethoxyquin form both a cost and efficacy point of view.
Kemin has developed highly efficient alternative antioxidant products to replace ethoxyquin: PARAdigmOX antioxidant nutricines.
With the PARAdigmOX antioxidant technology Kemin managed to solve the "Polar Paradox", a well know paradigm in antioxidant research. Kemin has translated this theory into practice in this new line of antioxidant nutricines for protection of oils and fats in animal feed applications.

The PARAdigmOX technology is based on a revolutionary ternary solvent system resulting in protection against the oxidation process from all possible angles: in the oil and at the interfaces.

PARAdigmOX Blue liquid is an ethoxyquin-free antioxidant formulation suitable for all aquaculture feed applications. The product was developed after profound screening of the most potential antioxidants to stabilize unsaturated fish lipids. These antioxidants are combined with chelators that neutralize the trace amounts of metal ions, which are known to act as strong pro-oxidants.


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