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EU and Argentina aquaculture in the latest EUMOFA's Monthly Highlights

Thursday, October 24, 2019

EUMOFA’s Monthly Highlights contains official EU data and analysis of European first sales, consumption, supply and trade of fisheries and aquaculture products, plus a section on extra-EU imports. In this issue, EU and Argentina aquaculture are analyzed.

In 2017, aquaculture production in the 28 EU member states reached 1.37 million tons (+11% increase from 2008) with a value of EUR 5.06 billion (+47%).

  • Production: In 2017, the EU accounted for 1.21% of world aquaculture production in volume and 2.05% in value. Spain is the largest EU producer in terms of volume (23%), followed by the UK (16%), France (14%), Italy (11%) and Greece (9%).
  • Main species produced: In terms of volume, Mussel (Mytilus species) accounted for 34% of total EU aquaculture production in 2017, followed by salmon (15%) and trout (14%).
  • Market outlets for EU aquaculture products: Most of the farmed products in the EU are consumed within the EU market. Import-export flows between member states are significant for several major species, such as salmon, seabass and gilt-head seabream. Bluefin tuna is the only major farmed species aimed at the extra-EU export market (mainly Japan).

Argentina’s extensive coastline provides access to substantial fishery resources in the southern Atlantic, making it the 23rd largest fishery country in the world in terms of volume. Fishery landings have fallen gradually from their maximum of nearly 1.4 million tons in 1997 to 792,000 tons in 2018. Aquaculture production is growing but still low, reaching 3,568 tons in 2017.

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