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F3 Krill Replacement Challenge: A soybean peptide

China-based Jiangsu Fuhai Biotech Co., Ltd. is one of the registrants of the challenge with a soybean peptide.

September 25, 2023

China-based Jiangsu Fuhai Biotech Co., Ltd. is one of the registrants of the F3 Krill Replacement Challenge with a soybean peptide.

The product has been extensively tested on largemouth bass, Pacific white shrimp, rainbow trout, yellow croaker, channel catfish, and juvenile gibel carp. “All of these experiments showed our soybean peptide can replace fishmeal successfully. Performance has no difference or even better when compared to fishmeal,” said Jianfeng Yu, aquaculture technical manager, Jiangsu Fuhai Biotech Co., Ltd. “One of the studies showed that the replacement of fishmeal and chicken meal with our soybean peptide could significantly increase the intestinal villi length and intestinal wall thickness, thus improving the digestive capacity of channel catfish.”

The company is currently producing fish-free feeds for some largemouth bass commercial farms. “Some aquafeed companies use our products to replace fishmeal partially for market acceptance reasons,” Yu explained.

The ingredients can be added to the extrusion mix when manufacturing extruded pellets. “It can help the extrusion performance because it has good viscidity and water absorption capability,” Yu stated.

“In terms of costs, our ingredient comes from soybean, which is cost-effective and competitive when compared with krill ingredients,” said Yu.

“We think krill is not an indispensable ingredient for aquafeeds. Many feed mills don’t use it. It has some advantages, but we would like to try some sustainable ingredients to replace it,” Yu said.

“We are happy to see some sustainable ingredients to be accepted by the industry through the F3 competitions to save the planet,” Yu concluded.

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