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Aquaculture & Microencapsulation, Puerto Varas, Chile - November 26-27, 2009

The symposium aims to show how encapsulation could help developing aquaculture, to enhance relationship between all contributors, to favour colaborative projects and networks set up, and to promote aquaculture development through microencapsulation techniques
October 1, 2009

Aquaculture & Microencapsulation, Puerto Varas, Chile - November 26-27, 2009

Session 1 : Aquaculture and microencapsulation
09.00 Welcome
9:20 Aqualculture: the Chilien challenge
Adolfo Alvial (Chile) 
9:50 Introduction to encapsulation
Denis Poncelet (Capsulae, France) 
10:30 Coffee Break  
11:00 Aquaculture in Brazil
Maria Cellia Portella (Caunesp, Brazil) 
11:30 Fulfilling the dietary requirements of fish. Nutrition needs technology
Jorge Dias (Sparos, Portugal) 
12:00 Lunch

Session 2 : Nutrition
14:00 Challenges in the delivery of nutrients to marine suspension-feeders
Chris Langdon (Oregon University, USA) 
14:30 Microencapsulated diets for early fish larvae. Yesterday's utopia, tomorrow's reality
Manuel Yufera (CSIC, Spain) 
15:00 Delivery of water soluble nutrients to live feed
Andreas Nordgreen (Nifes, Norway) 
15:30 Coffee Break
16:10 Mass production and use of liposome for feeding filter feeders in aquaculture
Yoav Barr (Nofina, Norway) 
16:40 Development of delivery devices through microencapsulation and their use in Brazilian aquaculture
Angela M. Moraes (State University of Campinas, Brazil) 
20:00 Event dinner

November 27, 2009
Session 3 : Health and Marine valorisation

09:00 Oral immunity against fish pathogens: the SRS vaccine example
Jaime Tobar (Centrovet, Chile) 
09:30 Listeria control in fish aquaculture
Renate Schoebitz (Austral University, Chile) 
10:00 Probiotics for aquaculture
Carlos Riquelme (Universidad de Antofagasta) 
10:30 Coffee Break  
11:00 Encapsulation of fish oil
Stephan Drusch (Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany) 
11:30 Immobilized algua for water treatment
Luz de-Bashan (CIBNOR, Mexico) 
12:00 Bio-diesel production by micro-algue
Mariella Rivas (Universidad de Antofagasta) 
12:30 Lunch

Session 4 : Building collaborative research and business !
14:00 An example of international scientific collaboration
Matias H. Madina (AVS Chile, Chile) 
14:30 Round Table 
16:00 End of the Event