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Finalists for the Seafood Innovation Award unveiled

Eleven startups were selected, and the winner will be announced at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum in March.

Remora Robotics was the winner of 2023 Seafood Innovation Awards. Credits: NCE Seafood Innovation
February 22, 2024

Seafood Innovation Award is an arena at the North Atlantic Seafood Forum (NASF) where chosen startups get the opportunity to showcase innovative business ideas to potential customers, partners, and investors. The event will take place from March 5-7 in Bergen, Norway.

The eleven companies that were selected for this year’s awards are:

Ittinsect: The company produces sustainable, high-performance aquaculture feed produced through biotech treatment of novel raw ingredients including insects, microalgae and agricultural byproducts.

MariHealthSolutions: The company is harnessing proteomics and in-depth bioinformatic analyses to analyze protein biomarkers in fish blood/tissue, thus providing clients with customized solutions and more granular molecular insights on the impacts of farming operations and nutrition on the health and metabolism of their fish, thereby supporting their decision-making, optimization, development and sustainability endeavors.

Manolin: The company delivers a solution to make data-driven decisions to minimize issues, maximize output, and increase profits.

AquaPredict: The startup has established an AI-based technology platform that allows fish farmers to run advanced analyses on-site – simple sampling and automated analysis with instant benchmark report.

BiOceanOr: The company delivers data-driven water quality forecasts and correlation services in the aquaculture industry. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), marine biology and fish health expertise, BiOceanOr developed AquaREAL a platform and related APIs collecting, analyzing and predicting water quality data and related operational impacts in terms of fish growth, fish welfare and risk mitigation.

Blue Lice: The company developed a system that attracts and captures sea lice before they reach the salmon by using only light as an attractant.

AquaFind: Aquafind’s digital trading platform is a forward-looking marketplace for the aquaculture industry, focusing on user-friendliness and sustainable reuse commerce.

Seaqure labs: The startup utilizes mycoproteins as the solution for current unsustainable methods within aquaculture. By utilizing fungi, they create a fully circular feed product using industrial biowaste.

Pure Lobster: OceanWall is a revolutionary aquaculture solution that optimizes shellfish farming through advanced technology. It offers an automated and sustainable approach, ensuring efficient resource utilization and optimal animal welfare.

Solution Seeker: The company provides Managed-AI-as-a-Service, through a proprietary technology stack ProductionCompass AI. ProductionCompass AI reads data from thousands of sensors in real-time; cleaning, preparing, and categorizing raw and unstructured data to enable a range of use cases and advanced models for improving production.

Catchwise: The company uses AI and big data to help commercial fishery become up to twice as efficient, by leading the boats straight to the fish.

The Seafood Innovation Award offers a session at the event with presentations of the start-up companies and live voting from the audience. The event is organized by NCE Seafood Innovation.