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New aquaculture nutrition prize for students and postdocs

Sparos is launching the Feednetics Prize which aims to promote the use of nutritional-based mathematical simulations in aquaculture nutrition research.

September 16, 2022

Sparos will award the Feednetics Prize winners free access to the new web app FEEDNETICS™. Since Sparos believes that its web app will be part of the toolset of aquaculture nutrition experts, the company will support the work until the winner obtains the academic degree or for the duration of the postdoctoral research.

Postdoc, Ph.D., and MSc students in aquaculture nutrition or related courses can apply for the prize. Registered candidates may submit their proposals by January 13, 2023 and explain how they intend to include FEEDNETICS™ in their work.

According to the company, FEEDNETICS™ can evaluate in silico the effects of different nutritional and environmental conditions on fish farming production. To learn more about the potential of this tool, watch the recording of the webinar presenting the FEEDNETICS™ web app or join a training course to be held at SPAROS facilities in Portugal from October 12-13.

Find more information about the contest rules here.