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Victam Events to Grow & Move

Expanded Asia events in 2010; Victam International to move from Utrecht, the Netherlands to Cologne, Germany, in 2011
November 7, 2008

Victam Events to Grow & Move

At a recent Press Conference the President of the Victam Foundation, André Oosterveld and Victam’s General Manager, Henk van de Bunt announced new plans for future Victam events. Victam Asia 2010 & FIAAP Asia 2010 (Feed Ingredients & Additives Asia Pacific) will once again be organized at the magnificent Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in central downtown Bangkok, Thailand. The trade show and conferences will be held March 3-5, 2010.

These expanded shows will occupy the Plenary Halls and foyer as well as additional areas. However it is not just the exhibition area that will be expanded, but also the profile of the exhibition and conferences: new for 2010 will be a greater emphasis on Biomass and Bio-Energy.

Victam will also be introducing a new show: GRAPAS Asia 2010. This show will be an affiliated event to Victam for the suppliers of equipment, technology and ingredients for Flour Milling, Grain & Rice Processing and Pasta & Noodle Production. With the added importance of grain-derived Bio-Energy and the increasing consumption of Western-style baked products this important market needs an exhibition and conferences of its own.

Each trade show will be supported by one or more technical conferences and workshops. The interim conference program is as follows:

~ Aquafeed Horizons 2010 – Organizer:
~ The FIAAP 2010 Conference – Organizer:
~ Animal Feed Conference – Organizer: Thai Department of Livestock
~ Petfood Forum Asia 2010 – Organizer: Petfood Industry magazine, Watt Publishing
~ Biomass – Organizer: To be announced
~ The GRAPAS 2010 Conference – Organizer: To be announced

Victam International  2011
Moving on to plans for the next show in Europe, Henk van de Bunt explained that the last Victam International event, held in May 2007 in Jaarbeurs Exhibition Halls in Utrecht, The Netherlands, was very successful with an increase of visitors from throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Visitors came from 110 countries. The next Victam International trade show in Europe will be held from the May 3-5, 2011 at the Köln Messe in Cologne, Germany, he said.

The new Victam event that will open in these modern, user friendly halls will be very different from previous shows in Utrecht without losing any of the fundamentals for which Victam has always been known.

The event will become: “A PARTNERSHIP WITH SYNERGY, YOUR KEY TO SUCCESS” as it will comprise Victam International 2011, Fiaap International 2011 and Grapas International 2011. These exhibitions and conferences form “A PARTNERSHIP WITH SYNERGY” and each event subject has a relationship with the other events, offering the opportunity for companies to exhibit within the multi-related shows and for the visitors to visit all of them with one free visitor ticket.

Visitors can expect to see the very latest technology and equipment from all over the world that is utilized in the manufacture and production of animal feeds, dry petfood and aquafeed. Also within the halls there will the largest selection of the world’s elite suppliers of technology that is used in the production, distribution and storage of biomass pellets. This is a major and important element within the process of recycling natural waste that can be used as an alternative energy source within municipal, commercial and industrial power generation, as well as within the home. Germany and its neighbours have a large biomass industry.

Feed Ingredients & Additives Asia Pacific
The highly successful exhibition FIAAP and its series of conferences was introduced to the market alongside Victam Asia 2008. It will now be held in Cologne in 2011.This will allow exhibitors to have an event devoted solely to the ingredients and additives that are now used within the manufacture of feeds for animals, fish, shrimp and pets, etc. Visitors and conference delegates - nutritionists, feed formulators, veterinarians etc., from compounders, co-operatives, integrators, large farms and hatcheries - will know that by attending this event they will find the only trade show and series of conferences that were specifically organized for them.

The synergy between these and all of the events is the key to their success. In Cologne visitors to FIAAP will also be able to visit Victam exhibitors and so learn how technological developments in feed processing will impact upon their own function in the design and formulation of safe and competitively priced feeds.

The synergy continues. GRAPAS is a newly introduced exhibition and conference for the flour milling, grain & rice processing and pasta & noodle production industries.

GRAPAS will become the international showcase for equipment and additives used in flour milling, the processing, handling, storage and distribution of grain and rice, as well as, the specialist technology used for the production of pasta and noodles.

The following technical conferences and workshops will be held alongside the trade shows:
Aquafeed Horizons Workshop
Petfood Forum Europe
The FIAAP Conference
The GRAPAS Conference
Biomass Technology Conference

There are many benefits from moving the exhibitions and conferences to Cologne:
~ Excellent new exhibition halls, conference rooms & refreshment facilities
~ The exhibition centre is served by a comprehensive railway system which also links with the international rail services
~ Excellent national and international airline services to and from Cologne, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt
~ Large and varied hotel accommodation
~ Easy road access from anywhere in Europe
~ Easy access to and from Eastern Europe
~ Cologne is a beautiful city that offers wonderful historical sites as well as catering for all the requirements of the 21st century business traveller
~ Large important home feed market
~ Large home flour milling industry
~ Large home and neighbouring biomass markets.

Henk van de Bunt concluded by announcing an “industry day” entitled “A PARTNERSHIP WITH SYNERGY, YOUR KEY TO SUCCESS”. This presentation will be held at the Köln Messe during May 2010 and exhibitors and our visitors will be invited to attend. They will be presented with the changes that Victam is introducing, as well as information on consumer trends and other market conditions and technology that impact the industries Victam, FIAAP and GRAPAS serve.

For more information on our three shows, please click on the links to the respective websites below: