Grobest releases first sustainability report

The company’s sustainability strategy is based on an integrated approach focusing on five dimensions.

December 6, 2022

Grobest Group released its first-ever sustainability report. The report is a milestone in its sustainability journey, outlining Grobest’s key priorities and 2021 progress against several environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

In the company’s 47 years of history, it has helped farmers across Asia improve their livelihoods through its innovative feed products that provide a healthy and nutritious diet to aquatic animals while minimizing pollution in farming waters and other impacts on the environment. The company aims to build on its legacy through an integrated approach focusing on five dimensions: product innovation, responsible sourcing, and creating positive social and environmental impacts in its supply chain while building a good foundation in compliance and governance across the enterprise.

“I am delighted and proud to share Grobest’s first Sustainability Report. Since our inception, we have operated based on the ethos that a healthy aquaculture industry is dependent on respect for nature. We play our part in the world’s quest for food security by continuing to reduce our reliance on less sustainable raw materials through our research and development into alternative ingredients for our high-performance functional feeds,” said Chi-Kang Ko, chairman and chief science officer.

Edena Low, chief legal, compliance and ESG officer added that “this report represents Grobest’s commitment to sharing the achievements and challenges along our sustainability journey to becoming the Asian leader in sustainable biotech functional feeds for shrimp and high-value fish. We have much room to improve and look forward to regularly sharing our progress with our stakeholders.”

Download Grobest 2021 Sustainability Report here.