IFIF elects chairman and board of directors for 2024-2025

Ruud Tijssens was re-elected as IFIF Chairman for the 2024-2025 term of office recognizing his successful leadership since 2021.

Credits: IFIF
November 20, 2023

The International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) is pleased to announce that IFIF’s 36th General Assembly unanimously re-elected Ruud Tijssens as IFIF Chairman for the 2024-2025 term of office, recognizing Tijssens’ successful leadership since 2021 under which IFIF experienced important growth in strategic projects and continued to build deeper relationships with stakeholders around the globe.

Tijssens, on accepting his second term as Chairman, thanked the General Assembly delegates for their trust, as well as “all IFIF members for their contributions to our success, which strengthens IFIF as the united voice of the global feed industry to promote and support sustainable, safe, nutritious and affordable food for a growing world population.”

Tijssens highlighted that “through IFIF’s efforts and partnerships we continue our clear focus on IFIF’s three strategic pillars, including (1) regulatory to promote a balanced regulatory framework and support the dynamic pace of innovation, (2) sustainability with science-based standards and innovation to contribute to support sustainable livestock production, as well as (3) education and best practices. We will continue to drive key initiatives, including IFIF’s Nutritional Innovation work, capacity development for feed safety programs, as well as the IFIF FAO International Feed Regulators Meeting (IFRM) series.”

He added, “as we work together closely with our global partners and stakeholders to support the sustainable development of animal production and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, IFIF will continue to champion science-based decisions, the need for continued innovation and better technologies, as well as regulatory convergence and free and fair trade.”

In addition, the IFIF 36th Annual General Assembly re-appointed Bruno Kaesler to a second term as IFIF treasurer, and elected the following representatives and organizations to the IFIF Board of Directors for the 2024-2025 term:

  • Roberto Betancourt, Board Member, Brazilian Feed Industry Association (Sindirações), Brazil
  • David Bray, President, Stock Feed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia (SFMCA), Australia
  • Frank Chmitelin, Executive VP Strategy, Sustainability and Safety, Adisseo, France
  • Pedro Cordero, President, European Feed Manufacturers' Federation (FEFAC), Belgium
  • Constance Cullman, President & CEO, American Feed Industry Association (AFIA), USA
  • Melissa Dumont, Executive Director, Animal Nutrition Association of Canada (ANAC), Canada
  • Bruno Kaesler, Managing Director, Kaesler Nutrition GmbH, Germany
  • Adriano Marcon, President & Group Leader, Cargill Animal Nutrition, USA
  • Colm Moran, Director European Regulatory Affairs, Alltech, France
  • David Nickell, VP Sustainability and Business Solutions, DSM, Switzerland
  • Ismael Roig, President ADM EMEA & Global Animal Nutrition, ADM, Switzerland
  • Joerg Seifert, Secretary General, EU Association of Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures (FEFANA), Belgium
  • Jesse Sevcik, Executive Advisor, Corporate Affairs, Elanco Animal Health, USA
  • Reinder Sijtsma, Director Government Relations & Regulatory Affairs, Nutreco, Netherlands
  • Andrea Simon, VP / Head of BL Strategy, Animal Nutrition, Evonik Operations GmbH, Germany
  • Ruud Tijssens, Group Director Public & Cooperative Affairs, Royal Agrifirm Group, Netherlands
  • Sven Weber, VP Feed Enzymes & Feed Performance Ingredients, BASF, Germany
  • Wang Zongli, Secretary General, China Feed Industry Association (CFIA), China