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Report calls for government to support Australian Aquaculture

Oct 9, 2003 — ABARE has released a report, calling on government to get behind the aquaculture industry and in particular to simplify their approvals processes.

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Bossman to retire as AFIA president

Oct 8, 2003 — David A. Bossman is to step down at the end of 2004.

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Alaska fishermen switching to shellfish farming

Oct 7, 2003 — Shellfish farming is poised to become one of Alaska's newest industries

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Information sought for new website on Codes of Practice for shrimp farming

Oct 7, 2003 — A website is being developed to share information and enhance communication among stakeholders on shrimp aquaculture certification.

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Marine fish aquaculture focus of Harbor Branch meeting

Oct 7, 2003 — How to raise saltwater fish in freshwater will be a major focus of HBOI International Sustainable Marine Fish Culture Conference and Workshop.

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Aquaculture will provide 40% of fish by 2020

Oct 2, 2003 — Developing countries will shape nearly all growth in the fish industry in the next two decades, while greater reliance on fish farming could force a trade-off between the health of wild fisheries and the environment, and the well being of the poor, says new report

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Dioxin topic of AFIA’s first Internet Symposium

Oct 1, 2003 — Members, as well as non-members, of the American Feed Industry Association will have the opportunity to participate in the association's first Webcast Technical Symposium on the international scientific conference on dioxin (Dioxin 2003) held recently in Boston.

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2005 will end Norway's salmon feed quota system

Sep 24, 2003 — Market regulation through feed quotas will be discontinued with effect January 1, 2005

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Controversial growth hormone shown to double size of Tilapia

Sep 23, 2003 — U.S. scientists see promising results from a genetically modified growth hormone developed for cows

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More Americans eating seafood

Sep 21, 2003 — A new survey shows that 47% of all adult Americans consume more seafood now than they did five years ago.

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Nasdaq delists Cyanotech

Sep 16, 2003 — Cyanotech Corporation to appeal Nasdaq delisting notification as stock falls below $1.00 minimum bid price per share requirement

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Novus raises Alimet® prices

Sep 15, 2003 — Methionine source hiked by US$0.10 per kilo with immediate effect

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Aqua Bounty gets funding for reversible sterility program

Sep 15, 2003 — GM salmon breeder, Aqua Bounty Technologies, has been awarded a $1,680,000 grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology's Advanced Technology Program to develop a genetic technique that allows fish farmers to breed fish safely in captivity but prevents the same fish from reproducing if they escape into the wild.

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SyAqua to buy Brazil's leading shrimp breeder

Sep 15, 2003 — The aquaculture division of biotech company, Sygen International plc., SyAqua, is to acquire Brazil's leading shrimp breeding stock business, Aquatec, for up to US$13.0 million in cash.

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Reproductive Physiologist to Lead Finfish Research at The Oceanic Institute

Sep 9, 2003 — The Oceanic Institute, Waimānalo, Hawai‘i, has announced the promotion of Dr. Charles W. Laidley, Ph.D. to Marine Finfish Program Manager

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NEW REPORT: Natural Foods through marine krill meal

Sep 9, 2003 — South Antarctic Krill has unique nutritional and quality attributes, which makes it the feed ingredient of the future.

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14th Annual Texas A&M Practical Short Course on Feeds and Pet Food Extrusion

Sep 9, 2003 — Next feed extrusion short course set for January 2004

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Canadian salmon returns defy anti-aquaculture activists predictions

Sep 8, 2003 — Early B.C. pink salmon returns show Suzuki Foundation claim of pink salmon collapse doesn’t stand up.

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Harvard Study Refutes Mercury 'Survey'

Aug 29, 2003 — Fish Consumption Declining Among Women Due to Mercury Warnings

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American shrimp group to proceed with anti-dumping suit

Aug 20, 2003 — Southern Shrimp Alliance (SSA) to proceed with action against "unfairly traded imports of foreign shrimp".

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