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Positive Awareness Aquaculture

Aug 1, 2003 — Canadian pro-aquaculture group has launched a website to debunk anti-salmon myths

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Emergency steps sought to relieve drought hit EU feed industry

Jul 30, 2003 — FEFAC, the European feed manufacturers' federation, has gone to the EU Commission to ask it to take emergency measures to
secure feed supplies for the EU livestock industry, which is confronted by severe drought

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SyAqua Expands into World's Largest Shrimp Producing Market - Thailand

Jul 30, 2003 — SyAqua has signed leases for two shrimp hatcheries in Thailand and plans to build a shrimp Genetic Nucleus facility there later this year.

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Building knowledge, improving livelihoods

Jul 29, 2003 — regional STREAM Initiative in Asia

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Aqua Bounty Technologies Completes First Tranche of $10 Million Financing

Jul 22, 2003 — Proceeds to Fund Commercialization of AquaAdvantage Salmon(TM) and Shrimp IMS.

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UK seafood labeling comes in to force

Jul 22, 2003 — British consumers will now get more information about the seafood they buy, thanks to new rules on the labeling of fish and shellfish sold in the UK

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Codex Alimentarius sets guidance on GM, irradiated food

Jul 15, 2003 — The Codex Alimentarius Commission of the United Nations has adopted an agreement on assessing the risks from genetically modified foods and has given its approval to irradiated foods.

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Animal Feed Technologists Update Their Knowledge

Jul 15, 2003 — 14 students from five nations were recently awarded their diplomas qualifying them as animal feed technologists. They successfully completed the 24th specialist course at the international School for Feed Technology (SFT) in Uzwil, Switzerland.

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Asian-Pacific Aquaculture and GAA Global Shrimp Outlook venue changes

Jul 15, 2003 — SARS prompts GAA to move Outlook to Mexico; WAS moves Asian-Pacific Aquaculture to different hotel venue

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Australian aquaculture growing but challenges remain to be tackled

Jul 9, 2003 — In its first national review of Australian aquaculture since 1997, ABARE has found that the gross value of production of the industry has jumped by more than $300 million in the past five years.

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Shrimp-Farming Report Strong on Attack, Weak on Facts

Jul 8, 2003 — A June report published by the Environmental Justice Foundation painted a negative view of shrimp farming while failing to recognize
the industry’s ongoing improvements in farming practices and management, says the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA).

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Working Group recommends EU raise fluorine level for krill

Jul 7, 2003 — EU working group on undesirable substances recommends 2000ppm maximum level for fluorine in krill meals instead of the previous 500ppm proposed level.

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Anti-aquaculture group told to back up allegations

Jul 7, 2003 — Suzuki Foundation officials make up in rhetoric what they lack in openness and science, says Positive Aquaculture Awareness

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Roche Vitamins increases prices

Jul 2, 2003 — Vitamins, carotenoid prices up 12%

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UN Committee recommends new dietary intake limits for mercury

Jul 1, 2003 — Experts revise down methylmercury limits in light of new data

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Canada to ban SRMs from all feed

Jul 1, 2003 — International inspection team has recommended that Specified Risk Materials (SRMs) be removed entirely from the food chain.

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Fishmeal production outlook for 2003 not encouraging

Jul 1, 2003 — Fishmeal production outlook for 2003 is not encouraging says new report from iffo

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Good progress to lift fishmeal ban

Jun 30, 2003 — Good progress is being made in meeting EU Commission conditions for lifting the ban on the use of fishmeal in ruminant feed

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Call for Papers for Hawaii Aquaculture Feed Conference

Jun 25, 2003 — “Alternative Protein Sources in Aquaculture Feed” is topic of AIP conference

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Review of white shrimp impacts (P. vannemei) in the Asia Pacific region

Jun 24, 2003 — FAO and NACA are to undertake an assessment and documentation of the introduction and positive and negative impacts of L. vannamei (and P.stylirostris) in the Asia Pacific region.

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