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Fishmeal and fish oil to be presented at European Parliament public hearing

Apr 15, 2003 — The fishmeal and oil industry will be presenting new information about its impact on the environment, employment and the economy in the EU to a Public Hearing of the European Parliament in Brussels on April 23rd

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U.S. Wild caught fish can be labeled 'organic'

Apr 15, 2003 — Congress has passed into law an amendment to the Organic Foods Production Act that will allow wild caught fish to be labeled as organic.

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New regs streamline animal and aquaculture drug reaction reporting

Apr 7, 2003 — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published a new regulation that improves the requirements for reporting adverse events associated with approved animal drugs.

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Aventis settles methionine lawsuits

Apr 4, 2003 — Aventis has reached agreement to settle lawsuits alleging that Rhone-Poulenc Animal Nutrition, the former animal nutrition business of Aventis, and other companies fixed prices for animal feed methionine.

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Peru fishing ban to end imminently

Apr 2, 2003 — The Government of Peru has announced that fishing can begin on April 3rd for a period of 15 days for "exploratory" fishing

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Quantifying potential for corn gluten meal in aquafeed

Apr 1, 2003 — US Grains Council is to conduct trials to establish maximum inclusion level of corn gluten meal in aquafeeds and plans to establish database.

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Provimi fish feed sales declined in 2002

Apr 1, 2003 — More restrictive credit policies in a weak market are blamed for Provimi Fish Feed operations' decline in sales of 7.4% in 2002

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Action group appoints itself watchdog over U.K. fish labeling laws

Apr 1, 2003 — The Salmon Farm Protest Group calls for its members to check that supermarkets comply with new labeling laws

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Call for Papers: 29th Fish Feed & Nutrition Workshop (FFNW)

Mar 28, 2003 — The 29th Fish Feed Nutrition Workshop will be hosted by the Department of Animal Science, University of California, Davis, June 22-25, 2003.

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Call for Papers: International Organic Aquaculture Workshop: Low-Food-Chain Candidate Species

Mar 26, 2003 — The Institute for Social, Economic and Ecological Sustainability Announces a Call for Papers

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C. Young Cho wins Herb Dhaliwal Sustainable Aquaculture Award

Mar 26, 2003 — The Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA)'s second annual Herb Dhaliwal Sustainable Aquaculture Award has been presented to pioneering aquafeed researcher

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Scottish aquaculture development plan announced

Mar 26, 2003 — The Scottish Executive has announced its strategic framework for aquaculture

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Soy and Aquafeed - AquaSoy Aquaculture Program

Mar 25, 2003 — Four technical review papers summarize soy product use and potential in the diets for key aquaculture species

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New Canadian/FAO fish and seafood safety initiative

Mar 25, 2003 — The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and FAO have launched the Aquatic Food Product Initiative (AFPI), the main goal of which is to assist developing countries in the production of fish and seafood products by creating a knowledge base of scientific information.

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FEFAC urges EU Commission to make feed top priority in WTO talks

Mar 19, 2003 — The European Compound Feed Manufacturers Federation, FEFAC, is urging the European Commission to put the E.U. livestock and feed sector at "the top of its priorities" during the upcoming World Trade Organization agricultural trade negotiations.

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JV formed to produce astaxanthin from fermented carb source

Mar 19, 2003 — London based Tate & Lyle PLC, a world leader in carbohydrate ingredients, and IGENE Biotechnology, Inc (Igene) have entered into a 50:50 joint venture to produce AstaXin(R), a natural source of the pigment astaxanthin.

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FEFAC urges EU to use prolongation of feed ban to enhance safety

Mar 15, 2003 — The European Compound Feed Manufacturers Federation, FEFAC, is urging the European Commission to put to good use its recently announced extension to the ban on animal proteins in feed.

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U.S. aquaculture report released

Mar 15, 2003 — Increasing competition from imports, slow economic growth, a relatively strong dollar, stable domestic grain prices and uncertainty over the impacts of international conflict have all been taken into account in the latest Aquaculture Outlook by the USDA-ERS, released today.

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Cod hatchery bankruptcy notice withdrawn

Mar 13, 2003 — The bankruptcy notice on Cod Culture of Norway (CNN) has been withdrawn

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U.S. organic feed furore

Mar 12, 2003 — Language allowing organic labeling on meat fed from less than 100% organic feed sends 52 senators to seek reversal. National organic campaign launched.

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