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Women in Ag group formed

Mar 12, 2003 — The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) has founded a new council for women executives involved in agriculture.

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Alltech introduces Aquaculture Conference at 19th Annual Symposium

Mar 11, 2003 — Alltech is to hold its first Advances in Aquaculture Conference at their 19th Annual International Feed Industry Symposium

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A week left to register for Canadian finfish nutrition course

Mar 10, 2003 — Finfish Nutrition Course,
March 24-25, 2003
Holiday Inn Express, Moncton, N.B., Canada.

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Zapata rejects email offer

Mar 8, 2003 — Zapata Corporation has rejected an unsolicited offer it received by e-mail

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Cleaner ponds minimize off-flavors in catfish

Mar 8, 2003 — Catfish producers can minimize the chance of off-flavors in their fish by raising them in newer ponds with fresher water

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Aquaculture helps boost Omega's 2002 results

Mar 7, 2003 — Omega Protein reports 2002 net income of $12.2 million

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California Aquaculture Association offers free membership for Reno Conference attendees

Mar 7, 2003 — The California Aquaculture Association is offering free membership to its association for 2003 for any new members registering to attend the Western Regional Aquaculture Conference and Exposition to be held March 12 -15 at the El Dorado Hotel Casino, Reno Nevada.

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Zapata gets email offer

Mar 7, 2003 — Zapata Corporation, holding company of Omega Protein, has received an offer by email to buy its outstanding shares

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Get ready for FeedExpo 03 - see who's exhibiting

Mar 1, 2003 — Get ready for Feed Expo 03 – exhibitors registered to date:

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Nutreco Aquaculture applies responsible practices for marine raw materials

Feb 28, 2003 — Using vegetable raw materials in addition to fish meal and fish oil in salmon feed, it is now possible, with the best farming practices, to achieve a wild fish to salmon conversion ratio close to 1:1.

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Flat feed demand, low salmon prices hit Nutreco Aquaculture's 2002 results

Feb 25, 2003 — Net sales and income from operations before amortization of goodwill (EBITA) in the Aquaculture business stream were strongly affected by low salmon prices, primarily in the beginning of 2002, and the stabilization of feed volumes.

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AFIA Expo to go three-yearly

Feb 25, 2003 — AFIAEXPO 2003 will be the last biennial "big meeting' for the The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA). There will be a trade show every third year from 2005 instead.

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Aquaculture rapidly growing, says new FAO report

Feb 21, 2003 — Half of world marine stocks fully exploited - State of World's Fisheries and Aquaculture 2002 published

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Aquaculture certification body established; future feedmill program planned

Feb 21, 2003 — The Aquaculture Certification Council, Inc (ACC), a new non-governmental body, has been established to certify social, environmental and food safety standards at aquaculture facilities worldwide.

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JV Formed to further develop bioprotein for fish feed

Feb 14, 2003 — DuPont and Statoil have signed an agreement to form a joint venture to further develop the business involving the world's only methane-based fermentation production facility.

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Suspect dioxin contaminated animal feed detained in Canada

Feb 13, 2003 — The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is taking action to detain U.S.-origin zinc oxide and livestock feed products that are contaminated with dioxin

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Aquaculture included in Alltech Symposium

Feb 13, 2003 — The Alltech Symposium has added aquaculture to its topics for this year’s meeting, to be held May 12-14.

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European Commission proposes new food and feed controls with teeth

Feb 11, 2003 — The European Commission has adopted its proposal for a Regulation on official food and feed controls. The proposed Regulation will streamline and reinforce the existing control system with added bite, consisting of stricter enforcement mechanisms.

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Fisheries Group Supports FAO Eco-Labeling for Seafood

Feb 10, 2003 — The U.S. National Fisheries Institute has expressed support for FAO-developed eco-labeling standards; says variable standards of private-sector certifiers leads to consumer confusion

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Tassal acquires Nortas

Feb 8, 2003 — Troubled Tasmanian company,Tassal Limited, has acquired Nortas to create Australia’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon.

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