Skretting unveils precision farming concept for Southern Europe

The concept optimizes feeding protocols and production management, further increasing Mediterranean aquaculture’s competitiveness.

May 3, 2023

Through its long-term commitment to enabling Mediterranean aquaculture to sustainably increase its fish production while also reducing its risk exposure, Skretting Southern Europe has launched Skretting 360+. Following more than three years of development for the region, in collaboration with technological partner Go Smart, an Israel-based precision farming startup, this ground-breaking concept empowers farmers to establish improved levels of cost-efficiency and sustainability at their farms.

Utilizing the latest analytical software and other Industry 4.0 technologies to bring greater levels of innovation to fish production, Skretting 360+ is a complete package of precision-based tools and services, incorporating nutrition, farm management practices and technical support as well as state-of-the-art underwater cameras and sensor equipment (IoT). The expectation is that with Skretting 360+, farmers will be able to lower the feed conversion rates (FCRs) of important market species like Mediterranean seabass, seabream, meagre, amberjack and rainbow trout, which remain relatively high compared with many other farmed fish species.

It enables the remote monitoring of fish biomass and critical environmental parameters at farm sites, while also calculating the optimal feeding and production management protocols, thereby providing the means to reduce costs and impacts. For added convenience, much of this is delivered through AquaSim, which is Skretting’s powerful suite of management tools designed to optimize farm performance and provide tailor-made, farm-specific digital advice.

“Skretting Southern Europe has worked very closely with fish farmers and aquaculture companies throughout the region for several decades, providing technical support and precision farming services. This has given us invaluable local insight into the market’s particular needs and ambitions and led to the development and launch of Skretting 360+. Utilizing highly-sophisticated technologies, we believe this new range of precision farming services and tools will disrupt the status quo and drive the industry forward,” said Juan Antonio González García, Skretting’s precision farming manager Cluster Southern Europe.

The delivery of Skretting 360+ to Southern Europe has been supported by the Skretting Aquaculture Innovation (AI) global research unit. Over several years, Skretting AI has analyzed countless aspects of fish feed management and health support. This work has placed a strong emphasis on establishing the best nutrient composition of its feeds as well as the optimal number of feed occasions.

This new concept also incorporates Skretting’s latest growth models and services through which farm performance can be forecast and enhanced. Furthermore, through the use of the connected on-farm sensors essential real-time data is collected on multiple farm performance influences such as oxygen, temperature, average weight, feeding behavior and waste.

As each fish farm is unique with its own specific requirements, Skretting 360+ utilizes this data and analysis to help each farmer better understand exactly what is happening in the water and to also enable them to make more informed choices for their operations.

“Skretting 360+ can be a real game-changer for aquaculture in Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. Principally designed to help fish farmers become more efficient and resilient, it provides the trusted platform from which they can capitalize on the unprecedented demand for high-quality, responsibly-produced fish,” concluded González García.