Sparos launches a novel microdiet for turbot

The novel microdiet promises to optimize the performance of turbot at marine hatcheries through customized nutrition.

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March 24, 2023

Sparos launched WIN Max, its latest product within the HATCHERY FEEDS range. This novel microdiet promises to optimize the performance of turbot at marine hatcheries through customized nutrition.

WIN Max is an innovative nutritional solution that has been designed through partnerships with key customers and R&D institutions. The product is tailor-made for turbot larvae and early juveniles offering a wide range of benefits and features that meet the evolving needs of hatcheries managers.

WINMax is a premium weaning microdiet that incorporates a selection of thoroughly tested top-quality ingredients and is produced by low-shear extrusion, incorporating microencapsulation of water-soluble nutrients. It is formulated specifically for turbot, ensuring good growth and survival at the early development stages. In addition, it combines high palatability, digestibility and adjusted physical properties to ensure increased uptake by the fish while lowering the impact on water quality.

“We are thrilled to introduce WINMax to our customers and the market at large,” said Luís Conceição, co-founder and R&D director from SPAROS. “This product is the result of tireless research, development, and innovation. We are confident that it will outperform our customers’ expectations while offering unparalleled value at turbot hatcheries.”

The launch of WIN Max marks an exciting new chapter in SPAROS’ history. The company has been building a portfolio of premium bespoke products that deliver exceptional results, and WINMax is no exception.

“SPAROS has a ‘hands-on’ approach towards converting customer needs into new solutions. The close contact we have with our customers and R&D institutions allows establishing strong partnerships that lead to the development of bespoke products,” said João Henriques, product manager at Sparos.

SPAROS is confident that WINMax will exceed market expectations and set a new standard in the aquaculture industry by boosting fish performance through tailor-made nutritional solutions.

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