Alltech Coppens releases 2022 sustainability report

The company continues to work on sustainability on many fronts, from reducing its own emissions and helping clients reduce theirs to increasing transparency and providing more efficient feeds.

June 28, 2022

Alltech Coppens has published its 2022 Planet of Plenty™ Sustainability Report, an overview of the company’s commitment to sustainability. 

“We at Alltech Coppens continue to work on sustainability on many fronts, from reducing our own emissions and helping our clients reduce theirs to increasing transparency and providing more efficient feeds, which are increasingly adapted to specific systems and environments,” said Ronald Faber, CEO and global aqua lead at Alltech Coppens. “This second Planet of Plenty™ report gives more insights into the progress of our sustainability journey. We implemented a scoring system for our feeds based on various raw material environmental impact criteria, and we are continuously improving our sustainability knowledge through research and system-specific nutrition.”

Alltech Coppens strives to positively impact the market in which it operates, and sustainability is embedded in the company’s business strategy. This includes ambitions for the future, such as zero waste emissions throughout the lifecycle of fish feed by 2030 and zero CO2 emissions throughout the product life cycle. The latter will be achieved through an uncompromising pursuit of energy-saving and the utilization of renewable energy, with the goal of becoming a carbon-free society by 2050.

“We have made significant progress compared to last year, and our aim is to further reduce emissions of our aquafeed production and the negative environmental and social impact of all our activities,” said Faber. “Going forward, we will not only look at reducing our negative impact but also how we can create more of a positive impact.”

To protect the sustainability of the planet and continue to supply nutritious food for the world's population, global animal health and nutrition company Alltech is focused on Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™ and has committed to nine of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a subsidiary of Alltech and a specialist in fish feed, Alltech Coppens has prioritized the SDGs of Life Below Water, Climate Action and Quality Education, and the report highlights how the company is researching, developing and commercializing better alternatives and working with partners around the world on improving sustainable developments in the aquaculture industry.

Download the report here.