Controlled Reproduction and Domestication in Aquaculture

A compilation of four articles by Martin Bilio, previously published in Aquaculture Europe magazine
September 3, 2008

Controlled Reproduction and Domestication in Aquaculture

Over the last 18 months, EAS has published a series of four articles (three of them as the feature article) in Aquaculture Europe, the members' magazine of EAS that is distributed on a quarterly basis.

These articles were written by the first EAS President Martin Bilio, on the issues surrounding Controlled Reproduction and Domestication in Aquaculture. EAS has now compiled these articles into one document and has made it available for free download.

The document contains a new synoptic overview (providing an overview and an insight into the messages and recommendations), as well as
corrections. Full content tables of the text, tables and figures are also provided, for easier reference. The file brings together information compiled by Martin over almost two years. It is a complete, detailed and often controversial document.

Download the ocument from EAS here

Comment, questions and feedback are encouraged and should be sent directly to Martin, who would be pleased to hear from you (not to the EAS secretariat): email.
The file will also be included on the CD of abstracts that will be provided to delegates at our AE2008 meeting in Krakow next month, where
we will also have a special session on domestication. If you have not already registered for this important event, online registration is still open and can be accessed here. EAS members have significant discounts on registration costs, as well as numerous other benefits.