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Will offshore aquaculture bring evolution or revolution to the seafood industry?

Sep 16, 2021 — Offshore aquaculture will likely disrupt the seafood industry and ultimately become one of its key technologies, according to a Rabobank report.

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GLOBEFISH unveils market information and analysis tool

Sep 16, 2021 — GLOBEFISH Market Profile provides a snapshot of key data relevant to production and trade in fisheries and aquaculture products.

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Global demand for aquatic foods set to nearly double by 2050

Sep 15, 2021 — Improvements to aquaculture production, lower prices, and changing cultural preferences expected to drive up demand for fish, seafood and seaweed, according to new research.

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IFFO reports higher cumulative fishmeal and fish oil production compared to 2020

Sep 9, 2021 — The latest IFFO market intelligence report for January-August 2021 found reduced raw material tonnage but higher cumulative fishmeal and fish oil production compared to 2020.

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Fishmeal and fish oil production and trade flows in the EU

Sep 8, 2021 — EUMOFA released a study that covers fishmeal and fish oil use within a global context, market use, EU landings, EU production, and annual import/export trends.

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Introduction to tilapia in sub-Saharan Africa

Sep 7, 2021 — The report addresses why and how farmed tilapia can and should play an important role in solving sub-Saharan Africa’s challenge to produce sufficient food for its growing population.

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Crop harvest to bring significant quality challenges for feeds

Aug 24, 2021 — Weather-related challenges in Europe will most likely affect this year’s crop quantity and quality, reported EW Nutrition.

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Global seaweeds and microalgae production

Aug 16, 2021 — A new FAO report provides an overview of the algae sector with a focus on its contribution and potential in global aquaculture development.

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Biomin compendium on mycotoxin linked to reproductive issues in animals

Aug 12, 2021 — The book details the latest scientific knowledge about zearalenone, a mycotoxin that is commonly found in feed materials and associated with reproductive challenges in animals.

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World cereal inventories expected to rise

Aug 10, 2021 — FAO’s forecast for global cereal production in 2021 has been lowered marginally in July compared to the previous month but is still 1.7% higher than in 2020 and would mark a new record high.

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Insect meal to replace over half a million tons of soy in UK’s animal feed

Aug 5, 2021 — A report states using insect meal to feed fish and livestock could cut the UK’s future soy footprint by a fifth, protecting critical landscapes like the Brazilian Cerrado.

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IFFO reports less marine raw material in the first half of 2021

Aug 4, 2021 — China’s fishmeal production remains low, driving increased imports.

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Biomin mycotoxin survey Q2 2021

Aug 3, 2021 — Central America, South Asia, China and Taiwan are at extreme risk while the risk in North and South America is severe, according to Biomin’s review of the occurrence of major mycotoxins in the first half of 2021.

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Welfare in aquaculture: drivers, trends and best practice

Jul 14, 2021 — The second edition of Benchmark Insights brings together scientists, academics, producers and investors to talk about how views on animal welfare have evolved in aquaculture and our society, and the impact this is having in the industry.

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Marine ingredients market growth continues

Jul 7, 2021 — Total cumulative productions of the countries considered in IFFO’s market report from January to May 2021 were higher year on year: fishmeal up by 48% and fish oil up by 51%.

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LDC reports 2020 sustainability progress and sets new emissions measurement targets

Jul 6, 2021 — The company made positive strides, advancing with land use and sourcing profile mapping, reaching 88% traceability to farm for direct soybean purchases in Brazil, according to its 2020 Sustainability Report. 

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OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2021-2030

Jul 6, 2021 — Aquaculture production is expected to overtake capture fisheries production in 2027 and to account for 52% of all fish production by 2030, according to the report.

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Low levels of unwanted substances in Norwegian fish feed

Jul 1, 2021 — The Institute of Marine Research found that none of the samples contained undesirable substances above the upper limit, as in previous years. 

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IDH’s European Soy Monitor Report

Jun 28, 2021 — “More action is needed from the different supply chain actors to increase the uptake of responsible soy in the European market,” the report stated.

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Two Norwegian salmon producers eliminate deforestation risk in their soy supply chain

Jun 28, 2021 — Bremnes Seashore and Nordlaks eliminated all links to deforestation throughout their entire soy supply chain, according to a new market mapping conducted by Rainforest Foundation Norway.

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