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The trouble with sea cucumbers

Apr 2, 2009 — FAO report says overfishing putting sea cukes at risk

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News from China: Tongwei Aquanews - Issue 1, 2009

Mar 4, 2009 — Sichuan Aquacultural Engineering and Technology Research Center

China to Produce 48.9 Million Tonnes of Aquatics This Year
Insight into the aqua feed business in China
Shangdong province exports less aquatic products

Selected abstracts of research aticles published in Chinese journals

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FAO predicts lower grain production

Mar 4, 2009 — Early indications point to a reduction in global cereal output in 2009 from the 2008 record, according to FAO's latest Crop Prospects and Food Situation report

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Reevaluación de eficiencia en la transformación de harina de pescado

Feb 26, 2009 — La afirmación citada con frecuencia que se necesitan cinco o incluso 10 kilos de pescado silvestre para producir un kilo de salmón cultivado es errónea y por lo tanto engañosa y dañina para la eco-eficiencia percibida de la acuicultura y su uso de harina y aceite de pescado. El ratio promedio correcto de Pescado requerido: Pescado obtenido para salmón es 1.7:1, y está disminuyendo

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January 2009 U.S.Catfish Feed Deliveries Up 30 Percent from Last Year

Feb 25, 2009 — Total catfish feed delivered in the United States during January was 4,709 tons, up 30 percent from January 2008 and nine percent above the previous month

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Feed provides salmon juveniles with sufficient vitamin K

Feb 5, 2009 — Novel research shows that the naturally occurring level of vitamin K present in fish feed given to Atlantic salmon juveniles is sufficient for good growth and bone health from the start of feeding until smoltification

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The healthiest omega-3s, EPA and DHA, are found mainly in fish oil and fishmeal

Jan 15, 2009 — IFFO, has brought together information about the benefits to man and farmed animals of these healthy omega-3s from fish oil and fishmeal in a short guide, available in both Spanish and English

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Building an ecosystem approach to aquaculture (FAO proceedings)

Jan 15, 2009 — Workshop organized by FAO and the Univesitat de les Balears, Palma de Mallorca, Spain includes contributed papers on definitions, principles, scales and management measures, human dimensions, economic implications and legal implications that are relevant for an ecosystem-based management in aquaculture

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Aquaculture's growth seen as continuing

Jan 3, 2009 — Good aquaculture no more damaging to biodiversity than other food production systems, BioScience article says

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Aquaculture Feed and Food Safety: The Role of the Food and Agriculture Organization and the Codex Alimentarius

Dec 31, 2008 — Albert G. J. Tacon and Marc Metian

The important role played by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Codex Alimentarius Commission in the development of international standards, guidelines, and recommendations to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices in the food trade is discussed

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Global overview on the use of fish meal and fish oil in industrially compounded aquafeeds: Trends and future prospects

Jan 25, 2013 — Albert G.J. Tacon and Marc Metian

Results are presented concerning the responses received from a global survey conducted between December 2006 and October 2007 concerning the use of fish meal and fish oil within compound aquafeeds using a questionnaire sent to over 800 feed manufacturers, farmers, researchers, fishery specialists, and other stakeholders in over 50 countries

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Response Questions Validity of Sea Lice Report's Conclusions

Dec 19, 2008 — Science article overstated the risks to wild pink salmon from sea lice and salmon farming

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Issue 5 - December, 2008
Sichuan Aquacultural Engineering and Technology Research Center

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Are consumers with a medical history of cardiovascular disease eating more fish?

Dec 3, 2008 — This study exemplifies the need for nutrition education and more effective communication about fish, not only to the people facing lifestyle and chronic diseases, but also to the broader public. European consumers are convinced that eating fish is healthy, but particular emphasis should be made on communicating benefits especially from fatty fish consumption. The study has recently been published in BMC Public Health, and constitutes a part of the research in the SEAFOODplus project 2.3 SEA-INFOCOM.

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Nov 30, 2008 — — TONGWEI AQUANEWS
Issue 4 - November, 2008
Sichuan Aquacultural Engineering and Technology Research Center

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US Aquaculture Data - November 2008

Nov 14, 2008 — This data product from USDA's Economic Research Service provides statistics on domestically grown catfish and trout and U.S. imports and exports of fish and shellfish that may be products of aquaculture, such as salmon, shrimp, and oysters

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Aquaculture Working Group USDA National Organic Program proposals

Nov 4, 2008 — Final net pen proposals

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Capture-based aquaculture - Global overview

Oct 29, 2008 — This FAO technical paper contains two reviews on environmental/biodiversity and social/economic impacts of capture-based aquaculture as well as eleven species review papers

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Fisheries Management: Status and Challenges

Oct 29, 2008 — Keynote speech, Fisheries Management: Status and Challenges, given by Ichiro Nomura, Assistant Director-General, FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department at the Fifth World Fisheries Congress on 21 October 2008 at Pacifico Yokahama, Yokohama, Japan.

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Aquaculture comes of age

Oct 22, 2008 — A recent workshop hosted by the Reprofish and AquaBreeding projects (funded by the European Union) highlighted the efforts in place to enhance aquaculture industry practices and improve the quality of aquatic animals and fish reared in Europe

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