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Fish Omega-3s May Benefit Human Health Down to the Bone

Jul 5, 2006 — Improving blood circulation, turning off inflammation, inhibiting certain brain and eye diseases, and preventing the spread of prostate cancer to bone are a few of the potential benefits of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in fish or fish oil.

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NOAA'S Offshore Aquaculture Activities: The New Frontier

Jun 30, 2006 — NOAA’s effort to increase domestic seafood production through aquaculture gained tremendous momentum recently, when President George W. Bush emphasized the need for sustainable aquaculture in the United States, and urged Congress to move ahead on the National Offshore Aquaculture Act ...

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It is FARMING, not Fishing

Apr 18, 2006 — Why Bureaucrats & Environmentalists Miss the Point of Canadian Aquaculture

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National Ocean Policy Study Hearing

Apr 12, 2006 — Webcast, video and presentations of Senate Commerce Committee's National Ocean Policy Study Subcommittee (April 6, 2006)

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Salmon World 2006

Mar 29, 2006 — Salmon production, supply and demand worldwide

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Review of FAO NACA Workshop: The Future of Mariculture - A Regional Approach for Responsible Development of Mariculture in the Asia-Pacific Region

Mar 28, 2006 — Country reports, thematic reviews and the final plenary presentations for this workshop, held in Guangzhou, China March 7-11, 2006, are available for download

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Volume Down, Quality Up for Canada’s Fish and Seafood Exports

Mar 14, 2006 — Canada’s fish and seafood exports totaled $4.3 billion in 2005

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ERS-USDA Aquaculture Outlook released on-line

Mar 10, 2006 — Released twice a year, in March and October, Aquaculture Outlook examines the U.S. aquaculture industry including production, inventory, sales, prices, inputs, and trade of catfish, trout, tilapia, salmon, mollusks, crawfish, shrimp, ornamental fish, and new species.

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U.S. National Programs: Aquaculture-Action Plan

Mar 5, 2006 — A national investment in research and technology development will be the foundation for the industry's growth. As the Department of Agriculture's in-house research agency, the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) will be in the forefront of fundamental and applied research to enhance the production efficiency, sustainability, and quality of cultivated aquatic organisms

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The Future of Fish: Issues and Trends to 2020

Mar 5, 2006 — International Food Policy Research Institute
WorldFish Center 2003

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Risk perception and food safety: where do European consumers stand today?

Feb 25, 2006 — A new Eurobarometer survey provides insights on consumers’ perception of health risks, and in particular those related to food safety. Overall, consumers’ perception of food is positive, food safety concerns are not top-of-mind and the role of public authorities in protecting consumer interests is valued.

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Open access journals success route for scientific publishing

Dec 7, 2005 — Scholarly publishing must compromise with new open publishing initiatives, study finds

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This week's news stories from Growfish

Oct 12, 2005 — For week commencing October 10, 2005

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Fisheries and Oceans Canada Information on Sea Lice

Oct 12, 2005 — There is public and media interest about possible links between sea lice, salmon farms and wild salmon stocks in British Columbia. This has resulted from allegations that sea lice from salmon farms are harming wild Pink salmon populations in the Broughton Archipelago, a group of islands north of Johnstone Strait off the northeast coast of Vancouver Island.
These allegations spread misinformation and distrust about aquaculture and contribute to a climate of confusion.

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So you think you know how to buy advertising space?

Dec 16, 2005 — You just compare circulation numbers, right? If only it were that simple!

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This week’s news stories from Growfish

Oct 4, 2005 — For week commencing October 3, 2005

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Salmon on the catwalk

Oct 4, 2005 — A highly unusual European research project set about finding the best ways to turn salmon skins into leather for use by the fashion industry.

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Price Estimates Modeling: Dried Krill Meals Case

Oct 4, 2005 — How Weather Phenomena (eg. “La Niña”) Alter Market Prices Estimates
An Econometric Perspective for Feed Ingredient Price Estimate.

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International Principles for Responsible Shrimp Farming

Sep 27, 2005 — Addressing the technical, environmental, social and economic issues associated with shrimp farming

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Fishery Industry Profile - Russia

Aug 25, 2005 — This FAO report gives an overview of the Russian fishery sector and highlight the latest trends in catches, production and trade

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