A-Systems unveils new web service for online feed formulation

The company developed an online formulation platform, WebAllix, to optimize feed formulation.

A-Systems unveils new web service for online feed formulation

October 11, 2021

A-Systems introduced the WebAllix online formulation platform in line with recent developments of web solutions related to the Allix3 software, such as the WebLink secure data exchange platform and RMLink technology that allow online evaluation of raw materials.

WebAllix provides formulators with an online optimization tool that includes secure and reliable data shared by the administrator (consulting companies, consultants and product managers). It is therefore the ideal tool to ensure the link between users in the field and a centralized formulation service.

The end-user works from the browser or the device of his choice (tablet or laptop, under Windows or iOS, for example). In the field, data is always relevant and the simple interface allows users to showcase their know-how with just a few clicks.

Many features are available on WebAllix such as diet's costs calculations, diet archives and raw materials consumption calculations. The administrator sets the data directly into Allix3 and then picks the data he wants to publish on WebAllix for his co-workers or customers, such as analytical values of raw materials, equations for calculating the nutritional values of raw materials, formula constraints and feed diets. WebAllix is available as a subscription. 

A-Systems is a software publisher for the animal industry. Founded in 2001, A-Systems is established in Europe, the Americas and Asia counting customers in more than 70 countries. Focused on developing innovative solutions, A-Systems has expert knowledge of all the issues involved in formulation application development. The Allix3 formulation software is widely used by feed manufacturers, service companies and consultants. A comprehensive range of software and web solutions complete the offer. 

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